4 Reasons to Get Diamond Grinding for your Pool Deck

4 Reasons to Get Diamond Grinding for your Pool Deck

A resilient pool deck can resist wear and tear throughout any weather. If this happens, the swimming area does not only invite excitement but also provide safety. It does not attract accidents caused by slipping. 

A practical solution for creating a safe pool deck to mingle beside the waters is through diamond grinding. Another term is concrete polishing. But to make sure that the concrete sealers perfectly attached to the surface, polishing is necessary. 

This procedure is vital for preparing the bare slab. It results in an efficient and sturdy coat. It provides a water-repelling surface that is safe to sit on or walk on by the poolside.

Defining Diamond Grinding:

Is it really necessary for diamond grinding? Will it yield a different result if a sealer was applied without it? Before diving into any conclusion. Define what is diamond grinding first.

Contractors often use this term. It is more commonly known as polishing the concrete. It is the process of preparing and clearing the cement on the pool deck before a coating or sealer is applied.

Why You Need Concrete Polishing

Now you know what diamond grinding is, here are four reasons why pool decks must have a diamond grind.

1. Perfect Bare Slabs

An even and flawless cement surface is the keystone to a polished, glossy, and skid-resistant surface. Shiny and slip-resistant sound like they don’t go together, but they must with your pool decks. 

Not only that, the decking of the pool looks nice, but it also creates an even, smooth feel when your toes touch the edges of the pool. It feels and looks great. ; and you are safe, too.

2. Excess Coating Removal

Grinding paves the way for a clean and clear cement for coating. You would not want old skin to blend with new ones. The pool deck’s old layers of the coating may still linger on the surface. 

It needs to be cleared out. The applied coating will set smoothly, too. It will prevent bubbles and humps on the decks. 

Scraping and scrubbing do not complete the process. That is why the use of a diamond grinder is essential.

3. Resilient Decks Minimizes Repair

Creating a resilient deck is the primary purpose of why you need diamond grinding. In constant contact with the water, the pool deck needs an extra tough layer to co-exist with moisture and dampness for long periods.

Resilient concrete is essential. When grinding, the surface becomes perfectly smooth and even. 

Flaws on the coated concrete are the primary source of accidents. So, this may trigger you for the constant repair of the decks. Cut the cost when you prepared the slabs perfectly.

Resilient pool decks are also possible when the layers are bound firmly together. It prevents weakening the substrate. Loose soil underneath and disintegrating foundations will cost you a lot of repairs in the future.

4. Correcting the Faults

The smooth and even pool decks are safe. Without correctly applying the coatings, a fun, and secured swimming pool experience will not happen. Grinding the surface secures that minimal flaws will be manageable. Early prevention is one crucial benefit of polishing the concrete.

Diamond grinding clears the cement top layer. Seeing the whole slab will help contractors to identify early signs of failing concrete. Thus, a quick remedy to tiny cracks or crumbling cement will be employed. Before the contractors seal and coat the deck, they will immediately fix emerging faults on the concrete.

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Learned all you need to know about diamond grinding? If you’re interested to invest in it, check out our services on diamond grinding for pool decks. Our experienced pool decking team makes sure your commercial pools reach their full potential. Read on more of our blogs about concrete pool deck staining.
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