Styles and Techniques for Staining Your Pool Decks

It’s a great idea that you are eyeing concrete stains for your pool decks. Concrete stains, especially acid-based stains, react chemically and stick to the concrete better, making it more durable and long-lasting. 

Moreover, it offers eclectic designs that you can do with different techniques. Just keep reading this blog if you want an attractive stained pool deck!

Choosing The Style Of Your Pool Decks

Concrete stain comes in many different colors and effects. You should know how to achieve what your imagination tells you. 

Color Of Stained Concrete That Match The Swimming Pool Vibes

What style is your pool? What is the theme of your backyard, including the sculptures and water features? Try to match your concrete floor stain to it. 

Suppose you want to change everything. In that case, use a trendy color, like the latest year’s colors. But if you prefer bold and vibrant colors, use neutral colors since that is easy to pair with anything.

Techniques For Staining The Concrete Pool Decks

There are many easy techniques to stain concrete. However, you should note that some stains come with specific instructions on applying them. If you need more clarification on your idea, you can do more research and ask professionals. But here are some examples:

Mottled Look

To do this, you need to make a very wet layer or puddle on purpose in some places. You can let them bleed through each other or spread them with your required tool. It will look like a subtle crumple tie-dye pattern on your floor when it dries.

mottled look on concrete

Alternate Multicolor

In this style, you can apply coats of different colors adjacent to each other. Perhaps you have stamped, scored, or engraved flooring. 

For example, you can use brown, tan, and charcoal colors on different shapes next to each other to make a soft shadow effect, like in Pablo Picasso’s Still Life with a Bottle of Rum.

Faux-Stones or Veining

This looks like a mix of the mottled and multicolor but with a very mesmerizing veining effect.

To use this method, you can make your own stencil out of cardboard. You should cut the edges like torn paper and spray the last layer of stain on the torn edges. It will give the classic look of veining of genuine marble and quartz.

faux stones decorative


Rick Metzler made it look like the concrete was made out of leather. He says it’s a three-color process with a normal distribution.

Start by wetting down the driveway. Next, fill the cracks with black and walnut paint to make them darker. Then, add a random coat of yellow before it dries to balance the gaps. Last, use a terracotta stain and spray everything with a walnut color.

Preserve Gloss

For this method, mix the acid stain with water in a ratio of 1:3. Then, spray the solution on the floor and spread it out with a microfiber mop right away.

It’s important not to let the water pool so the polished floor doesn’t get etched too much and lose its shine.

Knowing Your Personal Style

If you need help knowing your personal style, try looking for ideas on Pinterest. Try searching for stained concrete pool deck before and after pictures. Who knows? That might inspire you to create a modern stained concrete pool deck.


With staining, you can make natural, understated designs that are great for a relaxing backyard oasis. Don’t pass up this chance. Hire experts to ensure quality.

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