5 Reasons Why Stamped Concrete is Good for Pool Decks

A commercial stamped pool deck is the perfect flooring application for the surfacings around swimming pools. Concrete stamping achieves the look of natural materials like stone, slate, wood, travertine, and even marble.

stamped concrete pool deck

With stamped flooring designs, it makes you feel like owning luxury floors. But aside from the excellent aesthetics, there is much more to love about stamps.
Get to know five reasons why stamped concrete is a good choice for pool decks.

1. Low Maintenance

Swimming pools are seasonal. While some regions will have them open year-round under humid weather, summer months will be when the pools are in demand and always fully booked. 


Once the leisure spots are in use, there is no way to insert a schedule for quick cleaning. And one might think that cleaning will not be necessary. If this is the case, you will need flooring material to maintain a clean look even exposed to constant heavy use and traffic.

2. Versatile

Whenever versatile flooring comes into discussion, the stamped concrete is the top mentioned. Despite being conventional and having long existed in various properties, this application does not get old.

The truth is you can also update and upgrade the style and look of stamping designs, and it is so versatile that you now combine it with other techniques.

Just consult experts in construction and design when combining and transforming surfaces using two or more types of material and methods.

Then it is versatile because it fits any property conditions. You can use it if you are in a cold or humid region.

pool deck with stamped concrete

3. Durable

Stamped concrete is not a complex material that needs additives and synthetic materials to be durable. But it does not mean that it won’t last long and have enough strength to fit any conditions in a property.

Simply because this application is fully dense, concrete material.


What makes it different is that it is finished with stamps. And they mark permanent patterns and designs.

4. Limitless Design

stamped concrete pool deck backyard pool

While there are distinct patterns common for stamped pool decks like wood, stone, slate, and brick, you can still customize a stamping pattern that you prefer. You better work with professional concrete contractors so they can customize the stamping mats to use. 

The designs you use with stamped pool decks expand with more innovative options. Here are some ideas to pique your creativity:

  • Combining colors
  • Combining it with other applications and finishes
  • Resurfacing it with stamped overlays and new designs
  • Polishing the stamped concrete
  • Incorporating different accents like walkway lights or plant holders

5. Outdoor Friendliness

Stamped concrete decking requires you to finish it with protective sealers. In this way, the steps around the pool will not fade in color or acquire concrete cracks. 

Sealing stamped pool decking is a must, and it protects the outdoor floor from the harsh UV rays of the sun. And the sealer also helps lock in its resistant functions. You get a non-slip surface when you have concrete stamping around your swimming areas.

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