Commercial Pool Deck Staining Ideas

If you want to add pizzazz to your business spaces, a swimming pool achieves it. Someone on vacation will choose your hotel or resort for the reason that a pool entices them. A popular technique to create an inviting swimming area is through a commercial pool deck staining. 

Creating a balance to clear calm water is a concrete deck that has a masterfully crafted design. Why choose to stain the pool decks? Staining techniques can be produced through DIY or a professional pool deck installer. 

This outdoor concrete designing is very customizable. It has two types, acid-based and water-based. With these options, you can make hundreds of ideas. Personalize it or have an expert do the job for you. 

Here are the top 4 staining ideas for resurfacing your commercial pool decks.

pool deck tinted sealer

1. Acid White Stain

If you want a neutral look of the concrete surface to balance the clear bluish water, an acid-0stained deck is your best choice. Stage the concrete with acid creates a matte and mottled effect on the bare, grey surface. 

After staining, you can apply a sealer to make it waterproof and protect the layer from the water. The neutral look of the washed concrete makes a great contrast to an outdoor space blending the elements of earth and water.

2. Exposed Cement Look

Another type of texture you can achieve by staining the pool deck is an exposed layer of bare cement. With this design, you can maximize the natural look. It is perfect for commercial pools that want to give out a calming, tranquil ambiance. Having a raw look at a swimming pool in a resort adds a sense of personal space and intimate moments. This technique will help you achieve that vision if you have a mini-paradise or an exotic spring-like swimming pool.

3. Turquoise Colored Concrete

A water-based staining technique creates vibrant, solid shades of colors. An aquatic-themed idea that goes well with the pool area is dyeing the pool decks with bluish tones of color. You can blend various shades of blue. With the water-based staining technique, you can have creative control of how bright or how light you want the colors to appear. 

The blue-on-blue effect comes when blending the waters with a concrete surface washed with bluish pigment. Water-staining is perfect for a seamless monolithic surface.

4. Terracotta Colored Stain

By adding earthy pigments to the stain, you can achieve a natural, outdoor look. That is why commercial pool owners in LA and San Diego love the staining method because they can easily attain the earthy colors surrounding the swimming pool’s waters. 

Having shades of natural colors blending on the surface creates a tropical-themed design. The texture of terracotta concrete materials balances water structure surrounded by green elements of ornamental plants and tropical species of trees in the area.

Enhancing your swimming pool does not have to cut holes in your pockets. A commercial swimming pool can achieve a luxe look for the pool decks at a comfortable cost. Staining your concrete pool deck is the best solution. Of course, our team is more than willing to help you bring your ideas to life! Interested to read more? Check out this blog about diamond grinding for your decks.

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