Commercial & Industrial Swimming Pools in Orange County, Los Angeles, & San Diego

PoolDeks is a licensed and an outstanding provider of commercial and industrial grade swimming pool deck services Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles. 

We specialize in superior solutions to answer the greater demands of commercial indoor or outdoor swimming pool decking in terms of durability and structural performance.

Our experts are trained to meet every challenge from business facilities in any and all industries that require our comprehensive line of services. 

Every project is handled by no less than authorized Pooldeks employees, no subcontracting involved. We’re bonded and insured to guarantee your security. Don’t expect the usual service, expect more.

What We Have to Offer

We at understand that your top priority is to maintain customer satisfaction at all levels of interaction happening at the pool area. Swimming pools in different commercial and industrial sectors are designed to accommodate an extended number of people. 

Because of this, the swimming pool decks take on a tremendous amount of wear and tear. Which is why our goal is to execute pool decking services that keep your business running smoothly despite the challenges of owning an inground or above ground commercial swimming pool.

Our high-performance systems that can withstand heavy foot traffic, staining and abrasions are designed to improve business operations to unlock your profit potential. Here’s how:


Looking to renovate or remodel your swimming pool area to attract more customers in the summer? Consider commercial pool deck resurfacing instead. Resurfacing can improve the look of the entire swimming pool area by upgrading the appearance of an outdated pool deck. All without having to replace the existing deck. 

It’s a cost-effective and time-saving solution that makes for an excellent return on investment. You can choose and even combine the following systems to achieve your ideal style and designs:

  • Stamped Pool Deck
  • Stained Pool Deck
  • Cool Deck


A damaged swimming pool deck doesn’t spell good business. Cracks, shifting, sloping and other problems are an eyesore. These can also mean increased liabilities as they are a safety hazard to guests and swimmers. 

Damages should receive immediate attention from a licensed professional. You know you’re in good hands when you trust to handle necessary deck repairs. We use only proven commercial-grade materials and equipment to eliminate these damages and prolong your swimming pool deck’s service life.


Do you notice superficial flaws distracting guests from the beautiful, clean and refreshing swimming pool area? The mold stains, discoloration, and faded patches of color on your pool deck make the entire pool area unattractive and uninviting. 

Keep these flaws out of scrutinizing eyes with commercial pool deck refinishing. You can opt for a stained finish, concrete micro topping, or specialized coatings to bring life back to your swimming pool deck and even add a slip resistant feature to your pool deck even if its wet.


A commercial swimming pool is a considerable investment. As with every investment you make for your business, you want to protect it. A concrete sealer will act as a protective barrier that prevents color fading, chipping, staining, and moisture/chemical absorption. 

Every concrete pool deck requires resealing once every 2-5 years. Different types of specialized sealers include tinted, moisture-mitigating, glossy, matte, slip-resistant, and clear.

resort with pool and small nipa umbrellas

We Service the Following Industries in Orange County, CA

Hotels & Resorts
Water parks
Public Swimming Pools
Fitness Centers / Fitness Clubs / Athletic Club / Wellness Center
Beach Clubs

Private Condominiums High Rise / Condominium
Rooftop Pools
Community Pools / Community Projects
High Schools

Community Centers
Golf Clubs / Country Club
Apartment Centers
Yacht Club

Hospital and Therapy Pool Projects
General Contractors

Different commercial pools require different enhancements according to function and purpose. Whatever type of commercial pool is in your establishment, we are fully-equipped with the skills, knowledge, and materials to service it. Don’t take our word for it, put us to the test and experience top class service.

Looking for a swimming pool deck company that will help you prepare your swimming pool and spa? Don’t settle for substandard performance. Invest in quality OC commercial pool decking services and see the amazing results materialize within weeks! Call us at (714) 361-0771 for more information, and receive a no-obligation, free quote!

That’s a bold claim that we are prepared to prove. There’s no commercial pool decking project too large for the experts of, we handle everything from small house projects to luxury commercial space. We form a partnership with our clients to put their commercial recreational pool areas on top of the competition. 

Tell us about your vision and ideas and we’ll work with you to make it happen. Call (714) 361-0771 today for a fast free quote or send us a form. Either way, you can expect a prompt response. Also servicing neighboring location and areas in California particularly San Diego and Los Angeles.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Contrary to what you’d expect, the swimming pool industry is actually predicted to grow even more. The worth of the swimming pool industry will increase to about 3.56 billion dollars by 2024.  Though it is relatively 2% more than the previous years, it shows no signs of dwindling despite the pandemic. 

An in-ground pool will cost you around $29,000 to $90,000. That’s a rough estimate but you might go beyond that even to about $195,900 for a 30×50 pool size. That may seem like a huge number but with the right investments and strategies, you can turn cost into profit via commercial pools.

The total net profit of pool owners comes up to $40,000 per year when expenses have been deducted, This also depends on the marketing strategies and peak seasons in the California Area. One way to attract more customers is to make your pools unique and instagrammable.

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