Safety Design Options for Your School Pool Decks

Designing an efficient swimming pool complex must put safety at its top feature. If you own a school or an educational facility, planning to add a swimming pool will surely give you more profit. Today’s post will show how you can do that with this list of design and deck overlay options, enhancing your pool decks’ safety features.

slippery sign on pool deck

How to Design the Pool Decks to Increase Safety?

Swimming pools at school give an alternative for students or children to participate in physical exercises when they cannot go out. Indoor pools are in. And there are ways to make the pool decks safe and accessible from slippery water presence. 

Here are popular pool deck designs and finishes. You can also check out the previous blog on finishing options for school swimming pool complexes. 

Right now, we will focus on aspects that add safety grids around the pool for keeping students and children safe.

1. Increase Slip Resistance with Stamped Overlay Decks

One of the most practical ways is to increase slip resistance. You can install or resurface the deck with concrete pool decks finished with stamps. 

If you have a massive swimming pool on the school ground, you can resurface the tiles with more durable outdoor concrete. Then install an overlay on the surface with stamping patterns that adds traction to the decks. 

In this way, children or young pool-goers are safer to stroll or run beside the pools. With increased traction on the pool decks, the bare feet will not easily slide or trip even when water splashes are present on the surface.

2. Install Non-Slip Pool Deck Finding by Increasing Texture

In relation to the method in number one, you can also add traction by improving texture. One popular option is the spray knockdown texture, which minimizes slippery surfaces. Also, the textured finish minimizes water presence making the surface dry. 

With texture also comes comfort. The knockdown finish does not come off harsh to the barefoot, and instead, the surface brings a cooling effect. This is suitable for school swimming pools where young people use the decks for sitting or chilling, even resting after a hardcore swim.

3. Install Fences and Grid Handles Around the Pool Decks

Fencing installed from the base of the concrete pool decks is secured. Make sure that when you build them around the poolside, these stands are secure and won’t wiggle or detach. This will increase safety, especially for beginners in swimming. They can go around the pool or easily leave the water basin with a grind or bar handle to hold on to. 

This can also provide support to halt someone who would accidentally slip. The fences or grid bars will help stop their fall in case of an accident.

pool with fence

4. Heighten Safety Rules 

Last is safety rules. A simple reminder or signage to list down in bullets the essential protocols and guides for the students to follow. 

Also, it is best to include the proper attire and time of day to swim and use the swimming pool on school grounds. Of course, you do not want the students or guests to swim at night when no one would be around to guard them.

To achieve these safety feats on your own school pools, you can contact your local pool deck contractor. They will provide you with a free quotation for your pool decks and tips to better maintain these specific kinds of pool decks.

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