Pool Deck: Why You Should Refinish It?

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A pool owner reaps lots of advantages by refinishing the pool decks. This includes cost-saving solutions that rescue the swimming pool from deteriorating in look and quality. Not only that, but it also secures a safe space for you and your guest to splash in for fun and relaxation.

Here are more pros of applying commercial pool deck refinishing to your spas, resorts, and water parks!

Refinish Your Commercial Pool Decks

What is to refinish the decks? Is it the same with resurfacing? These two terms mean pretty much the same when it comes to uplifting the look of the exterior surfaces of the swimming pools. Either way, these methods make magic in transforming the pool’s looks as well as its functions.


Refinish will help you apply immediate repair or fixes to a deck before it meets severe types of damages. Refinish if you see specific issues:

  • Fading of concrete deck coating
  • Discoloration
  • The surface begins to become slippery

Those are a few common fixes to get to work with the decks. If you see increasing cracks and creases, you will have to consider more hardcore jobs with specific resurfacing treatments.

Advantages of Pool Deck Refinishing that Makes It a Must

Now, here is to give you the good that comes when you plan and schedule your outdoor floorings’ refinishing project.

1. Save Your Pool Decks from Damages

Seeing the very first sign of a materials’ damage will be cost-saving for you. If you see those signs listed above and refinish the fading coating, you won’t wait for cracks to appear. Filling and repairing cracks is more costly than simply re-applying a thinning protective sealer layer to decks’ surfaces.


2. Preserve the Deck’s Form

Maintaining pools, especially those used for commercial spaces, requires regular maintenance. The materials are of low quality, but maintenance and upkeep serve clients safe and sanitary pool areas.


3. Makes Magic in Making Your decks the Luxurious Look

You won’t believe how simple and quick refinishing can work magic and make your ordinary decks look luxurious. You might be providing an Airbnb property while providing a close-to-home vibe. You may also let your guests feel a five-star hotel-like ambiance and service.

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Maintain polished and damaged free decks. Keep it looking brand new, and no one would think that you’re a small business making big waves with quality service.

4. Avoid Accidents ASAP

Like any other repair and restoration fixes, refinishing would immediately prevent accidents around the pool area. 


It may be that your decks only need a re-application of the sealer that makes the surface slip-resistance. When creating non-skid decks around swimming areas, the coating should not wear out while guests enjoy their stay. 


Refinishing right away saves you as the owner of unwanted fees. Learn in the following, last part of this discussion, of the business-saving results of refinished deckings.

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Results of Refinished Surface

Safety balanced with fun. Keep this in mind, whether that is getting swimming areas at home or managing leisure water spas for business. It is always wise to let the surface look seamless at all times. 

Here are the results for you who choose to refinish the floors.

  • You save the materials from acquiring damages
  • You prevent expensive repairs from renewing the pool decks’ sealers
  • Not only do you avoid the concrete pool decks from cracking you also avoid your banks from breaking
  • If you are a business owner, your seamless, refinished decks capture more audience for you
  • More clients mean more profit

This will all be possible if you hire an expert pool decks contractor. In that way, your pool decks will be utilized to their fullest potential.

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