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Commercial swimming pools in Rancho Santa Margarita deserve the best care. That’s why Pooldeks is proud to provide service to the businesses of Rancho Santa Margarita in taking care of their investments. To be able to maintain the beauty and functionality of your commercial swimming pool decks, we offer a range of services that target specific concerns commercial pool owners may run into. Pooldeks has everything you need to take care of your commercial pool.

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Hospitality Pool Deck Resurfacing

For hospitality businesses like hotels, resorts, and country clubs, having an attractive and well-functioning swimming pool is an important and profitable part of their business. And to make sure your swimming pool is always in the best condition possible, we recommend a resurfacing service to spruce up an aging and cracking swimming pool.

Cracking is normal and even expected from concrete pool decks. But that doesn’t mean the concrete should be ripped out and replaced at the smallest sign of cracking. Instead, contact your local experts at Pooldeks to receive a free quote on our resurfacing service, which restores a pool deck’s original appearance. We use a special resurfacer – made up of concrete and a durable binding agent – to give your pool decks a new life. Not only does it effectively cover up signs of aging and wear and tear, but it also gives you the opportunity to update your pool deck’s design and look.

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Pool Deck Services

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Commercial Pool Deck Refinishing

Sealing and occasionally resealing your pool deck is an important step to making sure your pool deck is protected. We offer glossy and matte sealers that, at once, provide protection and durability to your pool decks while also enhancing the overall look of the pool deck. We also recommend the installation of a slip-resistant sealer on pool decks in hospitality business properties to avoid any accidents on the property.


Commercial Concrete Staining

Tired of the plain look of your pool decks? Concrete staining is an effective way of improving the appearance of a pool deck through the inclusion of color to the landscape. We offer both acid and water-based stains that can deliver unique and personalized results.

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Pool Deck Repair

For minor cracks and small pits on your pool deck, don’t make the mistake of neglecting them. This can only lead to worse damage. Instead, choose our pool deck repair service where we use a special concrete repair putty to patch cracks together.

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