What Is The Most Popular Pool Deck Color This 2021?

A significant difference plays between colors for the outdoors and indoors. If you will notice, most color theme forecasts for this year all resonate with interior ideas. But how about for the outside?

Swimming pool with square sandstone deck

Have you thought about lately, “What is the most popular pool deck color this 2021?” You might still want to plan to spruce up some parts of your residential properties, commercial pool, and industrial swimming pools. It’s just half of the year. Mid-year planning for home and business improvement is a must. 

Pool Updates: 2021 Color Themes for Pool Decks

Now begin to look at your pools with a new pair of perspectives. If you already run out of ideas, accessories, and decors to add, upgrade the colors you paint on the decks of the pools in your homes. If you offer a pool business choosing suitable commercial pool deck coatings will grant you success, making attractive water leisure spots.


Usually, you use earthy colors that coincide with nature: green, blue, beige, and neutrals. But if you unravel all the colors that revolve around swimming pool ideas, you can discover more unique terms and add more distinct hues that cover the concrete deckings that touch the water.

Color Theme 1. Naturally Neutrals

Concrete colors will not look dull when they are combined with the elements found outdoors. This is perfect for any pool deck, may it be commercial, industrial pool deck, or residential. An open pool under the warm California sun or San Diego skyline will not mind having grey neutral floors. 

Enhance your grey vocabulary with the following hues and tones under the shades of gray for pool deck coatings:

  • Slate gray
  • Metallic gray
  • Classic gray
  • Blue-slate gray
  • Whitish gray
  • Stained gray

Color Theme 2. Ordinary Oceanic Colors

Feet on the edge of the swimming pool

Keep in mind that the swimming pool area is usually out in the open. This means that the decks will often bathe under the sun. It is easy to make the pool decks very hot. 

Adding light, refreshing pool decks color coatings will do some tricks. These coloring tricks will help cool down the concrete pool decks. 

Here are shades you add to keep the pool area cool and chill:

  • Aqua-blue
  • Charcoal blue
  • Seamless blue slate
  • Bluestone

Light colors contrast the warm sun that fits pool decks to prevent them from getting too warm when stepped on. Be careful not to use too heavy hues of blue. The key is to help the concrete surface reflect as much light from the sun.

Color Theme 3. Light and Skins Colors

Have safe options, too, with shades of white. It may be scary to use white at first, especially outdoors. You will think of dirt and stains which are hard to remove. But not for concrete pool decks. Skin colors like tan, beige, when combined with white, look calming like the cascading waters by the pool. 

Also, you can use white pigment to add when your California pool deck contractors apply concrete staining on your pool decks.

An ordinary white goes beyond its pure light shade. Here are tones of white and skin colors that will resonate with the pool deckings. You may want to get familiar with these terms:


  • Beige
  • Oyster White
  • Ash White
  • Summer Beige 
  • Sandstone
  • Golden Sandstone.


Take note, as well, that while you choose these light-skinned colors for your integral color coating, make a broom finish or textured knockdown for finishing a fantastic deck.

Swimming pool with sandstone deck
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