Pool Landscaping Ideas & Tips for a Pool Paradise

Searching for pool inspirations may seem daunting. For the swimming pool itself, you might ask, “What material should I use?” Meanwhile, there are also numerous selections for the landscaping.


You need to have an answer to these questions:


  1. How many plants should there be?
  2. What size should I buy? Big trees for privacy or small ones for practicality? 



Worry not! Before dipping our toes into the water, we compiled a list of things that will help you focus on your swimming pool and backyard ideas. 


Trustworthy Option: Concrete Pool Decks

There are many options to design your pool area, and protection should always be the first consideration. Given that accidents are more likely to occur here, ensure the safety of your household members and guests by picking the best choice for slip resistance. This feature is found in concrete pool decks.   

Other benefits for this choice include:

  • Highly cost-effective due to its durability and longevity
  • Versatility in design options (e.g., stamped, brushed, colored, stenciled, and exposed aggregate)
  • Heat-resistant and comfortable when barefoot 
  • Customizable with commercial concrete staining and stamped concrete overlay

Tips for Pool Landscaping 

Having a gorgeous and safe swimming area is incomplete without a plant paradise. Now that you have decided on the design and type, the following consists of useful tips for your oasis’ landscape:

1. Pick sunlight-loving plants and evergreens. The latter consists of plants that retain their leaves all year long. You will avoid having to put in extra work, compared to some greenery that shed and cause a mess on the garden and the pool surface. 

2. Safety is still a priority when it comes to designing your garden near the pool. Choose those without thorns, large growing roots, and those that bear fruit. Remember that you are aiming for a relaxing scenery, not a thriving forest.  

3. When in doubt, consult with professional gardeners in selecting the appropriate vegetation in your area’s climate. How often does it rain? Do you live in a tropical climate? Start asking about shrubs, bushes, or succulents because these usually thrive even in harsh conditions in the yard.

4. Lastly, pool landscaping should consider the maintenance of the swimming pool and the greenery. Place them at a reasonable distance because chlorine is toxic.  

The combination of different materials with selected plants can easily enhance the potential of your swimming area. By selecting concrete pool decks and bearing in mind these pool landscaping tips, you can expect that achieving your very own paradise is just a plunge away. 


Contact the pool decking experts at Pooldeks.com with proper application techniques and quality materials. It’s completely up to you to envision and up to us to make it happen. Our experts want to work with you on your next colored concrete stained pool deck project. Call now for a free quote! Dial (714) 361-0771 or send us a form and expect a prompt response. We service San Diego and Los Angeles as well.

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