Your Basic Guide for Pool Deck Resurfacing Cost

Count the cost. Whatever it is you are venturing for, it is often important to assess what you will spend. For a pool deck resurfacing, you need to know details on how to achieve it? How much time? Effort? What could you lose? Are there things to sacrifice? Yes. Too many questions. But all these make sense. 


The monetary expense is just half of the pie. Other factors contributing to the final cost include labor, aesthetic, and extra charges for emergency fees or expenses for contingency. 


What are these, and how will you plot the budget for each given part? Read on! Here we created this ultimate guide for your pool deck resurfacing cost.

man installing commercial swimming pool deck coating

1. Planning Cost

Plan first. Do not let anyone tell how much a project or job order costs if they can not show you a detailed plan. Even at this first step, an owner and a manager or contractor are already shedding some expenses. You can allot a planning cost here. It may not take so much from your bank, but you are already getting up to work here.

2. Preparation Cost

After you plan, don’t forget to include at the first steps your preparation. It is a critical process that bears a significant percent of success in the job. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Agree. That’s an old golden rule. It remains true. So, allot enough energy and mental resources for your preparation. Then, include the things you need to oversee when contractors prepare the deck. 

This stage may need to remove slabs or eliminate old decks. If you don’t see that there are already labor costs involved here, you may overlook allocating enough budget. 

Every projects’ cost will vary. In preparation, you are also scaling the requirements. It will include you considering the location. Every state and city will have different quotes for delivering supplies. So prices may vary.  A concrete deck removal will cost around $299 to $4000. It will reach up to $5,000 if you have an in-ground pool.

3. Resurfacing Cost

An initial reference for a standard concrete resurfacing cost is $300 to $500 per 100 square feet. The cost for a concrete pool deck more or less falls at this figure. If resurfacing involves decorative stamps, pool deck sealing or overlay decking, it can range from $700 to $1200. The rate for those with more exquisite stamped techniques is at $2500 per 100sq. ft.

These above mentioned are your rough estimates. The best deal will come from your chosen contractors. These are the experts who know the in and out of a resurfacing flow process. As you investigate the cost estimate you need, go and look for experienced and trusted contractors near you.

4. Other Fees or Sub-contract Cost

When hiring experts and coming up with the final cost, details untold could fester you. Some contractors will not disclose subcontractor fees. It is a common problem when installers will add contingent fees at the end of the project. You can eliminate this or prepare for this. 

The best thing to consider is to have a contractor you can communicate with and ask about everything.

Here at PoolDeks, our service equates to top quality resurfacing in Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Ask us to discuss the cost for your concrete pool deck resurfacing covered from start to finish.

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