Best Pool Deck Refinishing Options for a School Complex

Swimming pool complex inside schools and other academic institutions needs to have safe pool decks free from damage and cracks. 

School pool maintenance and pool deck refinishing remain essential tasks in and out of the season. If you have swimming pools in your academic institutions and school gymnasiums, today’s blog is for you. 

empty school swimming pool

Here are pool deck refinishing options for your swimming facilities at school. 

  1. Pool Deck Paint
  2. Spray Texture Overlay
  3. Stamped Concrete Overlay
  4. Epoxy Pebble Finish
  5. Rubber Coating 

Pool Deck Refinishing Options for Swimming Facilities at School

Swimming pools inside schools and educational facilities must put safety first with polished, slip-resistant decks. Such commercial pool decks have much higher traffic than regular commercial pools or residential swimming pools. 

A quick refinishing of a damaged spool deck sealer on pool deck covering is a priority. 

Learn how each option can benefit you and choose the one that fits your property. 

1. Pool Deck Paint

Pool deck paint for commercial swimming pools is practical to use. However, you need to make several considerations before applying them. 

Pool deck paint materials are water-based, so applying them in the presence of water would cause them to wash away. That would be a waste, and the washed-out paint can contaminate the pool water. You do not want the pool deck paint polluting the interiors and the waters inside the pool. 

2. Spray Texture Overlay

If your swimming pool at school is located outdoors and not enclosed inside the gym, the suitable finishing would be a spray texture.

What you could get from spray textured finish is enhanced slip resistance which improves the safety around pools. Another is the cooling effect that it does on the pool deckings.

Residential and commercial pool owners love how to spray texture and create comfy and convenient pool decks. Safety is sealed with the textured finished concrete pool decks. Furthermore, they have a comfortable feel to bare feet. It is user-friendly, so pool-goers are kept relaxed, comfortable, and free from accidents. So, why not have it for your school swimming pools.

Close up Spray knockdown pool deck

3. Stamped Concrete Overlay

Another option for the outdoor pool complex inside academic places is the stamped overlays. 

However, you must first measure the pool area. Massive pool deckings may not suit stamped concrete decks, especially those with a pool complex size.

If you have a residential swimming pool property, then apply concrete stamping to a high-traffic commercial pool in schools. 

4. Epoxy Pebble Finish

The epoxy pebble is the most suitable option for your swimming pools in the gym or outdoors. It combines a smooth, polished finish with a textured one like the aggregate pool.

As its name suggests, the deck surfacing contains river rock pebbles. It is finished with an epoxy resin-based concrete sealer.

5. Rubber Coating

For a convenient feel and consistent slip-resistant, you got the rubber coating. Rubber coating the concrete decks is a practical choice, especially if you got an inground swimming pool for young swimmers. The deck surfacings come out even, smooth, and have high traction that prevents slipping even if the pool water is gathered on the surface. 

However, since school swimming pools are heavy traffic spaces, consider reapplying the rubber coating yearly.

If you are interested, you can contact your local pool decking contractors. They will provide you a quotation for your pool decks. They will even provide you some tips on what your pool deck needs.

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