A Deeper Look at Pool Deck Coatings: Should I Paint or Stain a Pool Deck?

Of all the ways to enhance your pool business, revamping the pool decks’ aesthetic is your priority. Why? 

Don’t you know that many issues can lead to the worst damage that begins from a poorly maintained deck? The decks that surround the pool are what you will first look into. So, if one’s eyes catch cracks, dents, or even holes on the surface before reaching the water, it stops them from diving in. 

white and pink pool deck with two brown sunbathing chairs

So, what do Experts at Pool Deck Remodeling say about apparent signs of unsafe pool decks? Resurface the pools, especially if you have concrete pools. The concrete decks are easy to maintain, and it also repels any factors that could give flaws on the surface. 

However, what you need to worry about is the losing appeal of the decks. What does it mean when the decks begin to look outdated or lose their vibrant features? This only means you need to reapply the color coating. That can either be paint or a stain.

Here are factors why it is essential to have your pool decks coloring:

  • Concrete pool decks benefit your commercial pools by attracting more clients.
  • Concrete deck colorings enhance not only the form but also the function of the pool decks. 
  • The Pool decks coloring also serves as sealing material that adds slip resistance on the surface.
  • Staining or painting the pool decks increases the deck’s lifespan.
  • The coloring functions as a pool deck coating that protects the decks from harmful pool chemicals, making the decks waterproof. 

Which is better: pool deck stain or paint?

Now that you look into the benefits of adding a color coating to your pool decks. Compare now stain vs. paint.

Pool deck paints are standard and practical coloring and coating materials to provide waterproofing, design, and protective sealer on the surface. Paint is a suitable choice for it is user-friendly, where one can control the design and the strokes of a paintbrush. There are also more color possibilities with paint. Mix and match pigments, and voila! You can create your personalized or custom paints.

Staining the concrete decks also has been around for ages. It’s practical too. So, what makes it distinct from regular paints? 

two types of pool decks

Unlike paint, which only covers the surface, stains go beyond. Staining pigments penetrate onto the concrete decks’ slabs, making the color last longer. It doesn’t fade. Also, staining creates richer tones on the deck, with a translucent effect. 

How to use pool deck stain: Pros and Cons

The use of staining methods for pool decks helps enhance the natural look. In comparison, paints add more out-of-the-box ideas to decor the concrete steps around the swimming pool area. 

Staining Pros and Cons

Advantages of Pool Deck Staining Disadvantages 
Creative freedomColors will not fade; if needs changing, restaining is possible
Increase water resistance, protects the concrete slabs
No room for mistakes if used for DIY
Need to be careful when using acid-based stains, can hurt the skin if accidentally touched
Design cannot be reversed if already acid stained
Will require pool sealer to finish the pool decks staining

Pool Deck Paint Pros and Cons

Advantages of Pool Deck Paint Disadvantages 
User-friendly, use with a simple tool like a paintbrush
Creative freedom
Custom colors, create your own
Provides water resistance, protects the concrete slabs
Needs primer for adequate adherence
Colors fade or peel off after few years
Design cannot be reversed if already acid stained

All things considered, what you use as a pool deck coating will need proper and regular maintenance. Now that you know how to choose the best materials that fit your pool’s requirements. Learn more about how to maintain the swimming pool, like what’s the ideal water temperature?, from the previous post! Best of luck!

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