Do You Need a Permit to Build a Pool in San Diego?

Many home and business owners nowadays go wild with the plans of having a pool to use and enjoy.

This scenario occurs most especially during the summer and months with warmer weather where commercial pools are flocked and crowded with people in San Diego, CA.

But before requesting a quote, there are some rules and regulations to consider first. Planning a project, acquiring materials, and building permits all come into play. 

Today’s post will tackle all the essential aspects of building your dream swimming pool and why permits are non-negotiable.

What Qualifies as a Swimming Pool?

In general, swimming pools are fun and alluring venues for recreation and relaxation.  People from hot places like San Diego, California flock to pools, especially during the warm season. 


With this, the San Diego Municipal Code requires a swimming pool to be used only for swimming with safety measures intact. 


The water needs to be at least 18 inches deep, either for an in-ground pool or above ground pool. Slip-resistant and spacious decks should also be kept in check.

Plans for Inspection

In building swimming pools, there are many ideas to start. Much more, you can get decorative with pool deck stamping and more. You also need to use specific materials to reach ideal pool water temp levels. 


But before doing all these plans, one primary requirement for owning a swimming pool is to pass inspections by the Department of Environmental Health, Food and Housing Division’s Pool Program.


The said agency imposes a specific set of standards that ensure pool areas and swimming pools are in safe conditions. That will safeguard swimmers from possible threats and harm for swimmers and other people in the neighborhoods. Homeowners who plan to build a collection must pass these specific standards by the FHD.

Acquiring a Permit

Yes, you got it right; You’ll need a permit before starting construction of your swimming pools on your property. When you get one for pool construction, the owner must include plans and blueprints in the application. Finally, you hand it over to administrative staff at the Development Services Center. 


Also, the plans must get accreditation from licensed agencies. And to supplement all these, the pool designs should include child safety requirements such as barriers and walls. 


Self-closing gates are also invaluable for your pool area for safety purposes as well. 


After submitting this set of requirements, city agents will review and approve the plans after paying the required fees. Once the plans got their stamps of approval, your pool project will pass every necessary inspection, guaranteed.

Are you Permit-ready?

The most effective way to beat the heat in summery weather is with a calm and refreshing splash in a well-built swimming pool. A responsible homeowner abides by the regulations and follows the set standards before beginning construction. 


For more questions, feel free to visit the San Diego county site for more information. And once decided, give your pool services company a call for a quote.

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