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Commercial pools are a worthy investment that can bring a lot of business to a commercial property. But in order for you to get your best returns on them, they need to be in the best shape possible. That means both functionality and appearance. Balancing both with skill takes experience, and Pooldeks is happy to offer that expertise to commercial properties in Orange, Orange County. We specialize in the maintenance and decoration of commercial concrete pool decks and we have a range of services that can address any need you may have.

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Commercial Pool Decking Services in Orange

commercial pool decking

Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing

For aging and cracking pool decks, choose commercial resurfacing for a budget-friendly way to give yourself a new pool deck without the cost of replacement.

Commercial Concrete Staining

For pool decks needing more color, staining is a great and durable way to add color to your pool decks without the cost of expensive paint.

man installing commercial swimming pool deck coating

Pool Deck Repair

Don’t let small cracks get in the way of safety. Take care of them today with our unique concrete repair putty formula that bonds concrete together.

hospitality pool deck resurfacing

Commercial Refinishing/Sealing

Sealing is incredibly important when maintaining your pool decks. Choose from our wide range of sealers with various finishes and purposes.

commercial pool decking

Commercial Overlay Stamping

Add texture and design to your pool decks with one simple technique that instantly elevates your pool deck.

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Why Choose Pooldeks

We understand how big of a decision it is to choose your commercial pool deck contractor. At Pooldeks, we take every job seriously so we understand why you deserve to know how our services differ from our competitors.

The first difference is in preparation and the way we begin every project we take on. We think prep is an incredibly important beginning step that dictates the way the rest of the installation will go. Our preparation process centers around our grinding process, which prepares surfaces better than simple power washes or scrubs (often used to cut costs on a project). We use specialized industrial grinders on every pool deck we work on to get the best bite for our applications. This is especially important in hospitality pool deck resurfacing jobs, where durability is incredibly important.

The second important thing that sets Pooldeks apart is our warranty. When you choose to have your pool decks serviced by Pooldeks, you also get regular maintenance visits that ensure the longevity of your pool deck.

We also use some of the best products on the market for this kind of work. Instead of thinking about ways we can cut costs, we are always thinking about the end result for you and the overall experience one can get with our pool decks.

All of this gives Pooldeks an edge over other competitors by giving unmatched service to our customers.

Our team at Pooldeks is ready to get to work on your commercial pool deck. Call us today – (714) 361-0771!

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