4 Options for Refinishing Your Commercial Pool Deck

commercial pool deck

To maintain a commercial pool deck, refinishing is necessary. Not only does applying a sealer provide a pool deck with much-needed protection, but it can also make a pool deck more attractive through a variety of design options. And a pool deck that is attractive and well-taken care of is more likely to be inviting than one that is dull and falling apart, which is extremely important.

For commercial pool decks, these 4 pool deck refinishing options are an easy instant win for any pool:

Glossy Sealers

There is something extremely attractive about a pool deck with a “wet look”. It evokes the water of the pool and makes a pool deck glisten in the sunlight. And if you have a stone or colored pool deck, a glossy sealer will make the colors darker and richer.

Glossy sealers come in many varying finishes, from a low shine sealer to a high gloss sealer. They are also chlorine- and stain-resistant, making this glossy option both attractive and functional as a sealer.


Matte Sealers

If glossy sealers are not something you’re interested in, clear matte sealers offer a matte and simple effect to your commercial pool deck. Among pool deck refinishing options, matte sealers are extremely popular because they preserve the look of a pool deck before a sealer is applied.

They work by penetrating the surface of the pool deck to extend the lifespan of a concrete pool deck. Sealers are incredibly important to the protection of pool decks and should be applied at least once every two years. If you’re unsure about what kind of sealer you should go for, a matte sealer does not disrupt the look of your pool deck.

concrete sealing

Tinted Sealers

For commercial pool decks that could benefit from some color, we recommend tinted sealers. Tinted sealers are normal sealers with a pigment mixed in. That way, they still provide protection to your pool deck but also impart a translucent wash of color.

Tinted sealers come in a variety of colors and because they do not penetrate the concrete as deeply as a permanent color solution like concrete stains, they can be reapplied and replaced every few years. They also come in both glossy and matte finishes.

pool deck tinted sealer

Anti-slip Sealers

Concrete pool decks can become extremely slippery when wet, creating a potential safety hazard. To be completely safe, all commercial pool decks should have some kind of slip resistance. If the slip resistance does not come from a built-in texture on the pool deck, we can apply an anti-slip sealer.

Slip-resistant sealers are applied completely clear and dry to a hard and glossy non-skid surface that should help avoid any accidents.

pool deck anti-sealers

Those are the four best sealer options for refinishing your commercial pool decks without needing to rip out the built-in material. Found this article helpful? Read more about commercial concrete pool decks to know more! 

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