How to Get Cooler Swimming Pools: 6 World Class Pool Ideas

Want to know what is the coolest pool in the world? It may be your next-door neighbor’s private swimming pool or yours. Today’s post will take you around the world looking at the famous pools. Take inspiration how you, too, can cool your pool as you dive into today’s post. 


Trending designs, unique pool styles, and the best pool deck finishing to install; all these ahead!

woman enjoying the luxurious high rise pool

Luxury Swimming Pool Inspired Ideas: 6 Cool Picks for You

Search for the 2021 cool pics of swimming pools, and you will see hundreds of Pinterest-listed world-class swimming spots. From Europe to Asia, you will find one that you want to go to. Or, why not revamp your residential and industrial swimming pools with a design inspired by today’s list.

1- Beyond Infinity: Bali Hanging Gardens Inspired Pool

Be inspired by the refreshing view from the infinity pool in Bali. The intriguing pool uses a double deck where both got pool water cascading over the edge. The lower tier allows one to walk by the surface like trekking a river while overlooking mountainous landscaping.


Bali is a tropical spot. You can give your swimming pool a hint of warm temperature by adding heat pumps to the pool.

2- On top of Gold: Gold Energy Pool In Tibet

Aside from the luscious green sceneries, virgin forests, and coalescing plains and mountains, Tibet also takes pride in its Gold Energy pool. It is situated at St. Regis Lhasa.


What can inspire here is the pool decked with gold plates. Submerge in this pool, and you will never want to get out. Aside from being surrounded with gold, the pool water mixed with the salt front of the Himalayas makes the water feel warmer and therapeutic.

3- Swimming with the God: Santorini- Inspired Infinity Pool

White sands and white rocky shorelines are what Santorini famous for. Be inspired to swim over the clouds and treat yourselves like gods and goddesses. You do not have to visit Greece to enjoy a godly splash. 

Why don’t you design your pool decks with a whitewashed finish? Many decorative commercial pool decking coatings can do this for you. A stained concrete resurfacing lets you have a scandi-style pool deck. Or, build around the decks some stamped concrete with beige-colored stamped patterns.

4- Swiss Alps Inspired Interior Pool

The snow-covered Swiss Alps are so relaxing to look at. This site is perfect if you are to escape the hot summer. Complete the pool decks that will give you the chills. 

This pool deck idea suits best for humid regions. Achieve a cooling deck by installing a spray knockdown finish. The acrylic-based coating helps keep your pool cooler to the touch. 

To have cool-the-feet texture on your decks, an installer applies an acrylic-based coating. The acrylic floor coating can repel extreme heat from the sun. Outdoor floor systems also prefer this type of floor coating to resist the UV rays of the sun.

Indoor pool

5- Maldives Sunset Inspired Infinity Pool

Want to go to Maldives Island? Or wish that you could stay there once you visited? Who does not want to? The Maldivian Island is one if not the most magnificent palace to be. 

You could visit from one among many resorts established there. But everywhere you go, you’ll be sure to see the breathtaking Sunset.

The sun emerges with you as you dip in the pool that meets with the ocean.

6- Oasis in the City: Garden of Gods in Las Vegas

When you see luxury, you can think of Las Vegas and not disappoint. From tycoon-owned hotels to luxurious tubs. Vegas is the way to go. 


At the Garden of God pool, you can choose to take a dip in not just one but seven pools. 


Get a pool resurfacing to install concrete pool decks that combine in-ground and above-ground pools. Make a complete Vegas-style leisure spigot and finish the decks with a concrete pool fire pit.

Infinity pool in the sunset

Keep It Cool This Summer!

Hope these ideas inspire you to build your pool that looks and feels cool. After getting ideas for the design, the next step for you is to prepare for the pool plan, schedule, and acquisition of a Pool building permit and cost estimates. Browse the next post for you to get facts and start building your swimming pool.

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