Are you struggling to find an experienced and skilled pool deck contractor specializing in commercial swimming pools in Laguna Niguel? Pooldeks is proud to be able to provide service to the great city of Laguna Niguel. We offer a range of services that target specific concerns and issues that may come up with the ownership of a commercial pool. With our team of experts and top-of-the-line equipment, we’re ready to deliver high-build pool decks to you.

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Hospitality Pool Deck Resurfacing

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At Pooldeks, we are interested in providing solutions. That’s why we offer our resurfacing service to hospitality businesses across Laguna Niguel who are looking for a way to upgrade their pools, which may be cracking or showing other signs of age and wear and tear. We use a special kind of resurfacer that is able to give old concrete pool decks a new surface to decorate and use.

Resurfacing not only restores a brand new finish to a pool deck, but it also presents a new opportunity to redesign and redecorate your pool deck. As we know, visual appeal is incredibly important to the success of a commercial pool in a hospitality setting. People are more likely to be encouraged to use a pool if it has a good blend of design and function. With a newly resurfaced pool deck, you can employ decorative concrete techniques like staining, refinishing, and stamping to achieve a pool deck that has maximum impact.

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Pool Decking Options

Beyond resurfacing, we also offer a range of other services that can improve the appearance and function of a commercial pool deck:

  • Pool Deck Refinishing/Sealing

Sealing your concrete pool deck is an important step that ensures your deck’s protection against stains and heat. Our protective sealers come in glossy and matte finishes that can also enhance the appearance of your pool deck’s design. We also suggest the use of a slip-resistant sealer to keep visitors and guests safe from accidents near the pool.

  • Pool Deck Staining

If you’re looking to add color to your newly resurfaced concrete deck or if you want to spruce up an older commercial pool deck, our two kinds of concrete stains can deliver a beautiful color effect that will make the pool more visually appealing.

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