Is it Necessary to Seal Pool Decks? : 5 Reasons Why It Is

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The most practical answer to the need for sealing pool deck is to keep a clean and appealing look. But it will be a surprise for you once you realize that a desirable pool decking offers you more reasons to seal the surface.


Read on! There are five essential ideas for you to choose to seal the decks’ surfaces.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Seal Your Pool Deck

When you have concrete built around the pool decks, then it is prone to water damages. As water constantly splashes onto the surface, the concrete materials absorb them through the tiny pores that make up the slabs. This will cause moisture to live inside the slabs and will eventually weaken the material. The solution? Sealing.

What is Concrete Sealing?

But what is concrete sealing anyway? Why bother to collect reasons to get convinced to use this? A sealer is like a dress that covers the outer skin and protects it against the weather. You get allergies when exposed to a mix of extreme weather. Hot and cold hitting your skin all at once irritates. That is also how it is with your concrete floor’s surface. 

Sealing serves as a covering to protect it from natural causes of irritation. When it’s sealed, it reduces potential damages, and thus the surface keeps its polished, clear, clean look. This is true even for pool decks.

Are you now convinced to seal the surface of the deck? Here are more reasons for you to do so.

1. Waterproof the Surface

Most homeowners would think it isn’t natural for pool decks to be exposed to water. Sure it’s fine! It’s natural to let water touch the surface. But it is not anymore when water contacts the inner core of the labs. 

Waterproofing prevents the weakening of the concrete material by preventing droplets, and moist entering the pores of bare cement.

2. Maintains the Polished Look

The polished look of concrete pool decks is what most owners are after. A seamless deck looks stunning. A smooth, even texture on the surface adds a delicate style to the entire pool ambiance. Pool deck sealers maintain a naturally polished look even with soil and sweater mixing on the surface.

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3. Helps Ease of Maintenance

A sealed pool deck lessens damages and lessens the time for cleaning. Sealers create a smooth surface that makes stains and dirt on the surface come off quickly.

4. Helps Retain the Color of the Concrete Pool Deck

Color is another crucial factor in why you must seal the deck’s surfacings. Concrete coloring may fade after some time and under heavy use. But with a sealer covering the coloring components, the colors that decorate the decks will surely last.

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5. Provides Excellent Slip-Resistance

Now here is where all forms meet excellent functionality. Sealers help maintain a slip-resistant surface. Pool decks will acquire limy stains or mold build-up. Without the sealers, moldy organisms may breed on the thin core layer of the deck’s slabs. When this happens, the surface will acquire a slippery, slimy coating.

Sealers prevent these from happening. So better seal the pool decks’ concrete! It saves you from slip and trip accidents. Keeping these areas fun and safe places to be.

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For further details, you can contact your local decorative concrete sealer. They would help you by providing the information you need. 

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