How Do you Diamond Grind a Concrete Pool Deck?

man installing commercial swimming pool deck coating

Before the final layers cover the pool deck, concrete polishing is employed to prepare the substrate. This process is called diamond grinding. What’s the purpose? Diamond grinding is a necessary step to make sure that the pool deck installer will thoroughly coat the concrete cement. So, how is this done?

The important trick is that there should be no room for bubbles. The surface must be seamless, smooth. When moisture gets on the surface before the coating, pockets of air emerge. This will cause chipping or scaling later on. Also, if the water leaks into the body, the substrate or the cement will weaken.

If professionally done, diamond grinding will result in flawless cement. Residues of old coating that cause weak layers will be erased completely. It is essential to know what contractors should expect when doing the process.

Here is the necessary know-how of diamond grinding. First, let’s define.

Why is it called diamond grinding?

Using a concrete grinder, the surface will turn out smooth and even. No dents, no bumps or bubbles. The machine uses synthetic diamonds. The diamond particles are the ones that grind the surface. Why diamond? Remember how diamonds are known to be the hardest type of gemstone? Yes. That is right. Only a tough object can erase another hard object’s rough parts, like the concrete floor or any other surface.

How do the diamonds polish the concrete?

1- Diamond Grits

The main components of the concrete grinder are diamond particles and bonding material.

The diamonds come in the forms of grits. The sizes of these vary depending on the degree of polishing needed. For heavy polishing and for surfaces that require a lot of coating residue to be removed, larger diamond grits are used.

2- Bond Material

The bonds are essential parts that hold two objects or surfaces together. In choosing the bonds, the materials should be different from the grinding material. The bonding materials is the one that holds the diamond grits as it grinds the surface

3- Grinding Process

During grinding, the diamond grits are exposed on the surface but do not break them. It smoothes and moves over the concrete where old tile gules, stains from old coatings, or old peeling coating were attached. These are hard to remove irregularities. Scrubbing the cement will not do the trick. Hence, this is where diamond grinding comes into play.

4- Removal of Residues

Polishing happens as the concrete grinder runs through the surface. You can use a hand-held grinder or a more massive machine that you can drive like a vacuum. 

As the grinding machine shaves the surface, the hardened residues were slowly pulverized into small particles. The uneven out layer of the cement becomes smoother as the grinder walks back and forth every spot.

Final Touches

The critical process of concrete polishing is using the right tools. Only rely on trusted professionals who are proficient in using and mobilizing this particular machine. 

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