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Are you looking for a reliable and skilled contractor in Fountain Valley for your commercial pool decks? At Pooldeks, our remarkable, convenient, and cost-effective services are geared towards getting the best use out of your commercial swimming pools. That means we offer a range of special services that provide unique and long-lasting results that you can depend on. Pooldeks is proud to be able to service commercial properties in Fountain Valley, OC.

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Commercial Pool Deck Services

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Commercial Resurfacing

What should you do when your commercial swimming pools start showing signs of age and when cracks start to form and multiply? The conventional answer may be to replace your deck and give your swimming pool a rehaul. But at Pooldeks, we believe in budget-friendly solutions that don’t compromise quality or safety. Our resurfacing service combines functionality and design by installing a durable and high-build overlay to your pool deck that can be decorated to give your commercial swimming pool a punch of design. Hospitality pool deck resurfacing is especially important, which is why we provide service to hotels, resorts, and water parks in the area.

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Commercial Pool Deck Staining

If you’re looking to punch up your pool deck’s appearance with some color, there is no better solution for you than concrete staining. Not only does it provide a permanent coloring option, but you can also choose the kind of stain and result you want when you choose Pooldeks. We offer two kinds of concrete stains – acid and water-based. Acid stains penetrate the concrete slab to give color and are thus more likely to give a marble-effect appearance to pool decks. On the other hand, water-based stains are better-equipped to deliver even washes of color to your pool decks. Choose from our available wide range of colors to stand out from competitors.

pool repair

Pool Deck Repair

Cracks on concrete pool decks are not only unsightly, but they can also be dangerous to users of your commercial pools. No matter the size of the crack, it should be quickly addressed by a professional to contain the damage and stop it from getting worse. We use a special durably repair putty that can permanently bond the cracked concrete together. By mixing the putty to match your pool deck, we make sure the work is not obvious.

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