5 Basic Facts of Concrete Diamond Grinding

You have probably heard about diamond grinding from the previous post. You learned its importance for sealing the imperfections on your pools.

Also, you discovered how concrete diamond grinding could be a formidable contender for the best polishing methods for pool decks.

Industrial Diamonds What You Need to Know

Let’s review what you already know. The term diamond grinding will give you the basic idea that it uses diamonds to grind a hard surface. The next thing you want to know is if it uses natural diamonds. Of course, and YES is the answer.


Jump to the list of facts in today’s post for you to gain more understanding of this sought-after polishing method.

Basic Fact 1. Diamonds for Real

To answer your main question, what is diamond grind? It is simply a polishing method that uses the hard surface of diamonds to grind and smoothen the surface of concrete decks and floors.


It uses real diamonds adhered to a disc. The diamonds come in different sizes that determine the desired strength for polishing.

diamonds jewelry

Basic Fact 2. How is the diamond grinded?

So how exactly does diamond grind work on concrete? The process involves a cutting method where the diamonds are molded into a tiny bladed saw-like disc. Instead of having a sharp metal tooth edge saw, the grinder machine got diamond pieces with smooth but edged tips that can grind the surface of the concrete.

Basic Fact 3. Grinding for Perfection

The polished result of a concrete surface is all due to the part of the grinder called discs. Grinder discs make a smooth layer on abrasive surfaces. Some of the other surface materials that could undergo grinding are:

  • Asphalt
  • Pavers
  • Concrete
  • Marble
  • Travertine

Basic Fact 4. Cutting the Bladed Diamond

Diamond can cut and smooth or sharpen another hard surface. But the question now is can we cut diamonds. Of course, yes, the jewelry pieces with diamonds contain pieces where a saw blade machine could cut through the durable material.


The saw is made of laser with sarine and quaser 3, or a steel blade with materials tougher than pure diamond. Such steel would have to consist of multiple elements to form an excellent cutting blade.

Basic Fact 5. Leonardo da Vinci Influence

The last fact for today’s list is somewhat interesting. If you ever wonder about the grinding machine’s history, this is for you. Have you ever asked who invented the first grinding machine?


The first idea of grinding for finishing materials came in a cylindrical tool used for finding metallic materials to have a smooth outer layer for practical use. It was in the 15th century when Leonardo da Vinci invented needle grinders. Fast forward to the millennium era, flooring builders now innovated their finishing machine, which came as the diamond polishing grinder.


The concrete polishing went through many developments that make it a trustworthy application for decking and floors. Finishing smooth and resistant surfaces is not possible. Experts make precise use of this machine to ensure quality results for every property owner.
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