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For commercial pool decking that is superb, convenient, and cost-effective, call the experts at Pooldeks. We offer a range of services that target specific concerns that come with owning a commercial swimming pool and we are proud to now be able to provide service to the commercial properties in Cypress. At Pooldeks, we combine functionality and design in everything we do, which means that our pool decks are not only durable and high-build but also sleek and aesthetically pleasing. This makes us the preferred contractor in Cypress for commercial pool decking.

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Commercial Pool Deck Services in Cypress, Orange County

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Commercial Resurfacing

Resurfacing is an invaluable and vastly popular service that we provide to commercial properties. Specifically, hospitality pool deck resurfacing is extremely popular because of how important it is for hotels, resorts, water parks, and country clubs to have attractive and well-functioning pools. Resurfacing is a popular option because it is a more cost-effective alternative to complete pool deck replacement, which is time-consuming as well as costly. With our special resurfacer, we are able to provide aging or cracking concrete pool decks with a new lease on life that is also durable and versatile. It is the best and most budget-friendly solution for commercial pool decks looking to upgrade their pool decks.


Commercial Concrete Staining

Concrete staining is a classic service that we are proud to offer to commercial properties in Cypress. We have two variants of concrete stains that deliver very different, but equally pleasing, results. Acid stains penetrate the pores in the concrete slab to deeply impart color in a marble-like effect. Acid stains are available in a range of deep and rich colors that will make your pool decks look elegant and timeless. On the other hand, we also offer water-based staining for pool decks that need brighter colors not find with acid stains. Water-based colors leave an even wash of color across the pool deck for a simple but impactful look.

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Commercial Overlay Stamping

When we are finished resurfacing your pool, you can choose to also have your overlay stamped with a pattern or design. The technique is simple but has attractive and impactful results that make your pool deck unique. Stamping your pool deck also has the advantage of making your pool deck slip-resistant through the addition of texture.

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