Commercial Pool Deck Staining in Orange County, San Diego & Los Angeles

Pools attract the eyes like ice cream on a hot day. But how much more if it’s a pool deck with a splash of color? 

With our stained concrete pool deck services, you’ll leave your clients catching their breath with the beauty of a great deck. Get people taking about your pool business by availing our expertise! 

We do stained concrete pool deck services for hotels, apartments, gyms, spas, universities, and other public swimming pools.

Get in touch with us at for a full range of commercial pool decking services in OC, San Diego and Los Angeles, California. 

We are licensed, bonded and insured so you know that your concrete pool deck project is in good hands. 

From pool deck staining, resurfacing, refinishing, repair to coatings and stamped overlays we have innovative solutions to your needs. 

We work with building contractors and commercial pool owners to bring their beautiful stained pool deck vision to life.

commercial pool deck resurfacing

Why Choose Stained Concrete Pool Decks?

Correct Surface Imperfections on Pool Decks With Concrete Staining in OC

Is your commercial pool area looking less than inviting these summer days? Liven up a dull-looking pool area with a stained pool deck. Here’s a decorative option for recreational swimming pools that need a touch of artistic flair. 

Concrete staining allows you to add dramatic boldness or subtle accents of color to your commercial pool deck. Decorate with custom graphics or opt for a continuous wash of color throughout the whole space.

Color fading can leave your pool deck lacking in some much-needed luster. Let staining bring back the lively vibrancy of your pool with a gorgeous tint of color and lustrous shine. A rich range of colors is available for you to choose from. 

Go for warm earthy tones like gray, black, wood or stone or some bright vivid hues like yellow or dirty white. Whichever you choose, a stained pool deck is definitely an eye-catching statement for your backyard.

There’s nothing that can distract from the beauty of the entire pool area like stains and discoloration. Combat efflorescence and stain blotches with stained concrete. 

This is the best option when scrubbing simply won’t do anymore. Enhance the appearance of your commercial pool deck and disguise any unwanted blotches with concrete staining.

Are any surface imperfections like scratches and hairline cracks visible on your pool deck? Draw attention away from these flaws by incorporating them into the distinct mottling effects of acid stained concrete. Acid staining will turn these flaws from eyesores into details that add character to your commercial pool deck. Make you pool party ready! Call us now!

The Lowdown on Acid and Water-based Stained Concrete Pool Deck

There are two types of concrete stain, learn more about them.


  • Has a chemical reaction to concrete surfaces that results in color variations and distinct effects.
  • Penetrates the surface of the concrete for color that won’t fade for a long time.
  • Comes in a subdued color palette of earthy tones such as browns, tans, terra cotta, and even subtle blue-greens.
  • Acid staining concrete color payoff is subtle because of its translucent effect and lustrous sheen


  • Comes in a full spectrum of varying hues.
  • Does not have a chemical reaction to concrete for a continuous wash of color.
  • The color payoff is semi transparent but can be layered to achieve a certain level of opacity.
  • Fade-resistant, won’t peel or flake off over time.

Enhance your commercial OC pool deck with staining! Get an abundance of color today.

Looking for “deck staining near me”? Contact the pool decking experts at with proper application techniques and quality materials. It’s completely up to you to envision and up to us to make it happen. 

Our experts want to work with you on your next colored concrete stained pool deck project. Call now for a free quote! Dial (714) 361-0771 or send us a form and expect a prompt response. 

We only use top quality products for any pool deck service we do, may it be staining, pool deck sealer or stamped overlay.  For more information or if you have questions about pool deck options, types of sealers, product we use, and costs, don’t hesitate to call us! 

We service commercial pool deck resurfacing, repair, sealing, stamping and diamond grinding for all your decks in San Diego and Los Angeles as well. 

Let us help you discover the difference our expert pool deck staining can make – with affordable prices, flexible ways to pay, and a name you can trust, we handle everything from start to finish.

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