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When it comes to premiere pool decking services, has all you’ll ever need in OC, Los Angeles and San Diego. 

We are a concrete commercial pool decking company specializing in pool deck services such as sealing/resealing, refinishing, pool deck resurfacing, repair, cool decking, stamped overlays, concrete coatings, and more.

 Our clientele are commercial establishments and facilities coming from a wide array of industries like education, hospitality, sports, etc. The goal we strive to achieve for every project is to provide unmatched services through professional expertise and impeccable customer service. 

Put us to the test with your commercial pool deck resurfacing and sealing project today! We service Los Angeles and San Diego areas as well.

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The Importance of Sealing/Resealing Concrete Pool Decks

A commercial pool deck area is a substantial investment for your business. To make the most out of it, you must take all the necessary measures to protect your investment. That’s the purpose of concrete sealants or sealers. These are designed to keep your pool deck in excellent condition for years to come. 

Sealants act as a protective layer that keeps UV rays from fading out color keeping pigments in the concrete as vivid as ever. It also keeps stains like efflorescence from forming and prevents moisture and chemical absorption.

These qualities of sealers are essential to commercial pool deck resurfacing. Why? Because of the constant exposure to foot traffic, spills, usage and in most cases, outdoor conditions. For those situated in areas with cold climates, commercial pool deck sealing is important in drastically reducing the effects of freeze-thaw cycles by preventing moisture absorption. 

This keeps your pool deck durable and safe from cracks and spalling.

The Types of Concrete Sealers for a Pool Deck Refinishing

There are swimming pool deck coatings sealers that are specially made for a specific purpose. Generally, sealants have the same protective qualities with some more concentrated than others.

Glossy and Matte Sealers – Sealers are come in different gloss levels or no gloss at all for a matte look. You can choose from these depending on what will suit and enhance your pool deck the most.

Slip-Resistant Sealers – Some sealers have added slip-resistant properties. This is the option for slippery concrete pool decks.

Tinted Sealers – These come with a tint of your preferred color. Tinted sealers give off additional vibrancy to colored concrete pool decks.

Clear Sealers – For those who want to keep the appearance of their pool deck as is but with the added benefits of a sealant. This is the option for you.


Our Team of Pool deck Refinishing Contractors

Why hire experts when you can just do a DIY with your own team? Well many fall into the trap and end up with additional problems for their pool business. 

Check out why hiring only professionals in commercial pool deck sealing and pool deck refinishing is the best option in terms of time, money, and design.

  • Time-efficient for your business. We know time is gold with your business and we value time just as you do. Instead of closing of your pools and missing potential revenue because of a slow procedure, give it to more experienced refinishers and resealers like us.
    We know our ways around different types and forms of pools, plus we have a team and equipment that doesn’t require outsourcing, thus lessening the time. Get it done quickly and open your doors to see your newly treated decks!
  • Avoid additional repairs and modifications. Ever tried healing a wound with your head knowledge and the infection makes it worse? It’s the same for anything done without expertise and training.
    Before inexperienced contractors or DIYs leave permanent damage on your decks, entrust your income-generating swimming pools to us and we’ll give it back to you in better form.
  • Spend more but save less.  Wear and tear is natural especially for surfaces exposed to liquid, water, and chemicals. Luckily, you can improve the durability with the right sealer and coating that deals with these types of aggressive substances. We’ll surely get you these promising results!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Pool deck concrete coatings will range from $6 to $8 depending on the application you choose. This involves the whole process from pool deck cleaning to pool deck resealing. Feel free to get quotes from different pool deck contractors and check their BBB rating and license to ensure only the best quality work.

Epoxy can work on pool decks and outdoor surfaces given that you use special formulas made to counter the sun’s UV rays. Other, your epoxy pool deck will turn yellow overtime and it’s not something you want to have. Read the label for UV-resistant epoxy products or ask your contractor to do it for you and let you in on the better options

The new cost of pool deck kool deck resurfacing now ranges at $6-$8 per square meter from the original rate of $3 to $4. This is understandable since the cost of materials have gone up in the last years.

It costs between $551 to $1,276. The cost may vary due to the materials that will be used as well as labor. Also, it may complexity, size, prep needs, and accessibility should be considered.

It is important to note that concrete needs to be resealed at least once every 2 years, especially for commercial pool decks. Call a decorative concrete pool deck resurfacing & refinishing contractor today! We service major cities in California including Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Keep your business operating smoothly by extending your commercial pool deck’s service life. Upgrade your pool area now! Leave tedious work to us and you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll be more than pleased! Work with us today and experience professional commercial pool deck sealing at Our experts are ready to take on your concrete pool deck sealing/resealing project and other services you might need from diamond grinding for pool decks to pool deck resurfacing. Call us now at (714) 361-0771 for design ideas or send us a form to get a FREE quote.

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