Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing for Orange County, Los Angeles & San Diego Swimming Pools

commercial pool deck resurfacing

Our commercial pool deck experts specialize in one of the most in-demand decorative concrete resurfacing services today. Commercial pool deck resurfacing is the leading solution to renovating worn-out and aged concrete pool decks without replacing the entire thing. This application can be fully customized to the preferred aesthetic and according to the industrial pool’s purpose. How? Through a variety of commercial pool deck concrete coating and overlay systems, such as:

  • base coats with moisture-mitigating properties
  • commercial-grade textured coatings
  • modified polymer overlays
  • commercial-grade top coatings
  • commercial grade clear coatings

Swimming Pool Issues Addressed by Resurfacing Concrete

Pool deck resurfacing using commercial pool deck coatings isn’t just an appearance-enhancing application. It’s an excellent investment for commercial applications because it serves multiple purposes. It improves the look of your entire pool area while correcting the following issues:

Slippery Surfaces – Textured surfaces add a skid-free feature to your commercial pool deck. This makes it safe and comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

Minor Cracks and Chips – Cracks and chips are corrected during when the concrete surface is prepped for resurfacing. An overlay or coating is applied to completely renew the surface of the pool deck.

Stained or Faded Surfaces – Stains are difficult to get rid of when it ages with the concrete pool deck. Discoloration or faded patches are other problems. These issues can be corrected with concrete resurfacing.

Outdated or Worn-Out Pool Area – An outdated look isn’t appealing to guests. Keep your pool deck design up to date with the latest styles and trends through resurfacing.

Scorching Hot Pool Deck – Outdoor pool decks can get really hot under the blazing sun. Make sure to keep it cool and comfortable for bare feet with heat regulating coatings like Cool Decking.

Benefits of a Resurfaced Commercial Pool

  • A practical cost-effective alternative to swimming pool deck replacement.
  • Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing protects structural integrity of the concrete from future degradation.
  • Disguises existing cracks and other superficial flaws in the concrete pool deck.
  • Gives a consistent textured finish all throughout the deck area.
  • Gives a consistent, uniform color that doesn’t fade easily.
  • Rough coping can have the same consistent texture and color for a seamless deck to coping look that can handle wear and tear.
  • Overlays and coatings keep the concrete substrate from absorbing water and chemicals.
  • Low-maintenance for long-lasting color and texture.
  • Can keep the pool deck looking new even for years after remodeling.
man installing commercial swimming pool deck coating

Different Types of Pool Deck Surfaces:

  • Stamped – Also known as textured, commercial pool deck coating, or patterned concrete overlays. These surfaces are embossed with a pattern that mimics pavers or natural stone. The application comes in a wide selection of patterns, textures, and colors. It can also be combined with other overlay systems to optimal design and function.
  • Stained – Coming in a wide range, Either water-based or acid-based stains, these are applied to add a wash of color to a concrete pool deck. A great way to add details and accents for a decorative flair. It can also be used to add subtle hints of color with earthy tones or a dramatic effect with vivid hues.
  • Cool Deck – Cool decking creates a textured finish that is heat resistant. an ideal commercial pool deck coating situated outdoors. Safe and comfortable to walk on with bare feet even during scorching hot days. A surface that won’t leave your feet scalded.
  • Colored – Colored surfaces can be achieved by integrating powdered pigment into the coating or overlay. Another way is to spray-broadcast a permeating stain. Either way, colored concrete pool decks make for long-lasting color.
  • Pavers – Swimming pool decks lined with pavers in an interlocking pattern. These come in different colors and different types. Concrete, brick and natural stone pavers to name a few. These do not require a substrate to adhere to. This is a time tested method that has been used centuries ago.
  • Exposed Aggregate – Exposed aggregate surfaces are done by stripping away an otherwise plain concrete surface. This method exposes the aggregates beneath. The concrete can be polished for a sleek look. It is also coated with a clear coating for a lustrous sheen.
  • Wood – The types of wood you can use for commercial pool decking include cedar, cypress, and ipe. It complements the natural elements of an outdoor pool more than any other material. Our experts here at don’t install wood decking, however, we can create a pool deck that mimics the look of wood with stamped overlays.
  • Spray Texture – Spray texture surfaces are achieved with an acrylic coating. This is spray broadcasted onto the concrete surface and knocked down with a trowel. This method is ideal for adding traction without the surfaces being too rough to hurt bare feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can! If you’re seeing cracks, damage or mildew, there is no need to replace it. Try a concrete pool deck stain or a concrete overlay to cover up any imperfections and make it last for years. Sealing is also done to prevent the colors from fading due to UV rays. It also blocks out any stains and strong chemicals from eroding the concrete.

We recommend a spray knockdown texture or acrylic coatings as the best pool deck coating. It features a slip-resistant surface that is cool to the touch. Plus, it utilizes light earth colors that accentuate the color of your commercial pools.


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