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Hundreds of commercial pool owners are always on the lookout for ways to raise their profit while cutting their costs. We understand! Your business is valuable and protecting your investments like your pools and pool decks are important to get it producing revenue for years to come.


Pooldeks provides pool decking solutions for commercial facilities and establishments in Orange County and nearby cities like Los Angeles and San Diego. We repair and resurface university pools, lap pools, hotels, and other areas. Check out our gallery for our client’s experience with us on repair services. You can rely on the experience, expertise and commitment of our licensed experts.


Every decorative concrete pool deck resurfacing project we handle ensures client satisfaction each and every time. That’s because we’re licensed, bonded and insured to give you no less than a hassle-free service. Contact us and Work with the best contractor today!

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Concrete Pool Deck Issues

Concrete is the most ideal pool decking material because of its durability, versatility and low-maintenance qualities. Nonetheless, concrete flooring ages over time and without proper maintenance it is prone to a number of issues. Notice the following problems on your concrete pool deck? It’s time to call the pros at Pool Deks for your pool deck resurfacing and swimming pool deck repair projects in OC. LA, & San Diego CA.

  • Uneven Concrete Pool Deck – Does your concrete pool deck appear to be dipping or sloping? If so, that’s not good for business. This problem is caused by shifting and varying moisture levels in the soil. The dangerous surface is a liability waiting to happen and is an eyesore that’s off-putting to guests and swimmers. Hence pool deck resurfacing is the best possible solution to handle this problem.
  • Concrete Pool Deck Cracks – Pool deck cracks are common in improperly installed pools. Another culprit for those nasty cracks is ground movement. Although there’s not much you can do to prevent the natural movement of the soil, we’ll be able to reverse its effects through pool deck resurfacing & repair.
  • Rough Concrete Surface – When exposed to salt and pool water chemicals, the pool deck surface is prone to deterioration like spalling. This makes it uncomfortable to walk on. Give your guests and swimmers a comfortable space to walk on by correcting this damage as soon as possible.

What causes concrete pool deck damage?

The most common offenders that cause concrete damage are soil settlement and ground movement. There are other factors that shouldn’t be ruled out when diagnosing problems on a pool deck. These include the following:

Improper Pool Construction – When the construction of the swimming pool itself is faulty, other issues are sure to arise soon after. Poorly compacted backfill is to blame for heavy soil settling under a pool deck. The wrong ratios in concrete mixtures also lead to weak and easily worn-out concrete.

Excessive Concrete Slab Weight – When concrete slabs are too heavy, the loose beneath it soil is compressed. This results to concrete settling and sinking leading to an uneven pool deck. This is both a safety hazard and an unsightly deformity.

Weather Exposure – Varying weather patterns can cause the concrete to expand and contract as an effect of the freeze-thaw cycle. This weakens the concrete and causes cracking and spalling. Outdoor exposure to dirt and debris also contributes to the wearing-down of a concrete surface.


Commercial Swimming Pool Deck Repair by Professional Contractors in OC, LA, & San Diego offers optimum efficiency for your pool deck resurfacing and pool deck repair projects. We specialize in methods to level uneven pool decks, patch up concrete cracks and stabilize the structural integrity of your pool deck. Through compaction grouting or permeation grouting, we’ll have your pool deck looking better than ever. We offer concrete resurfacing, refinishing, polishing, epoxy coating, pool deck staining, stamped overlays, cool decking, and more!

We want your establishments running smoothly when it comes to commercial pool decking. Servicing major cities in California including Orange County, San Diego, Save time, frustration and money when you rely on our credibility. Get a free estimate when you call us today at (714) 361-0771 for your quality pool decks! Or send us a form and expect a fast response with a free estimate. Your move.

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