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Commercial Swimming Pool Repair: Top-Ranking Pool Service Ideal for Business Properties is a local concrete pool deck contractor servicing commercial establishments in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego California. Our mission is to provide pool decking solutions like commercial swimming pool repair, concrete resurfacing and remodeling to varying industries in need of our ideas, expertise for superior design and durability. Ours is a name built with a credibility that you can trust.

Commercial Pool Types

A commercial swimming pool has certain requirements to meet depending on the purpose it is built for. These have to be appealing, hazard-free and functional all at the same time. However, constant exposure to foot traffic and usage can wear down pool coping and decks over time. We service all types of swimming pools in different industries including:

Lap Pools – These are long and narrow swimming pools built for health and fitness purposes. Typically built for an educational facility, sports complex or community establishments.

Competition Pools – Competition pools can either be long course (Olympic-size) or short course. These are built for facilities that host swimming competitions for professional athletes.

Diving Pools – Diving pools are built with specific depths for diving. These come with springboards and are used by training, tournaments, or competing divers.

Training Pools – Training pools are built to replicate a competition environment and are suitable for all levels of competing and training. These are designed to eliminate waves and surge much ling competition pools.

Recreation Pools – These pools are used for recreational purposes. These are designed to be inviting to guests and may come with spa, rooftop pool, poolscaping, and water features. These can either be inground or above ground.

Activity Pools – These are built with features for different swimming pool activities. A good example is an artificial wave pool made for surfing.

Wading Area Pools – Also known as kiddie pools, these are shallow and made for children to play in. These are usually only a few inches deep and are a safe space in recreational pool areas.

Therapy Pools – This kind of swimming pool is for aquatic therapy. Therapy pools are designed for physical rehabilitation, relaxation fitness and other therapeutic benefits.

Lazy Rivers – Usually found in water or aquatic parks, hotels and resorts, these are shallow pools made to resemble a river. These usually feature a slow current where guests can gently ride along on inflatables.

Services for Commercial Pools in OC, LA, and San Diego

Maintaining and improving the condition of a pool deck through different services is what we offer. We want your pool deck to look as good as it works for your guests and swimmers to enjoy. Whatever type of commercial swimming pool you have, our extensive services are here for it.

Pool Deck Repair – Concrete pool decks are prone to issues like cracks, dripping sloping, and slab jacking. Damages like these don’t only make your pool area unsightly, these are also dangerous for swimmers. Call the pros as soon as you notice irregularities on your pool deck.

Resurfacing / Overlays / Coatings – Pool deck resurfacing is the best option for a pool deck that needs restoration and aesthetic enhancement. All this without having to compromise function. You can opt for a textured or patterned surface using stamped concrete overlays or choose a moisture-proof and skid-free application.

Refinishing – A stained pool deck with flaws on its surface isn’t one for the public eye. This can be hard to deal with as the pool ages. Keep your commercial swimming pool looking untarnished with pool deck refinishing.

Sealing / Resealing – A swimming pool repair includes sealants that are made to protect the topmost surface of your pool deck from different deteriorating factors. It is advised that a pool deck is sealed at least once every two years. Proper application techniques and quality sealants ensure maximum adhesion.

Cool Decking – Outdoor pools that are under constant sun exposure aren’t comfortable to walk on. Avoid leaving your guests’ feet scorched with cool decking. This special concrete coating keeps your commercial swimming pool deck cool even during the hottest summers.

Transform your swimming pool deck into the most appealing and inviting it has ever been! Contact us today to find out what kind of swimming pool repair, service, or overlay it needs. Our pros at are well-equipped to solve any type of pool deck concern. Make your move! Dial (714) 361-0771.