The Best Commercial Pool Furniture Buying Guide


Tired of the way your backyard pool looks? With our commercial pool buying guide, you can easily enhance its visual appeal. Adding some cool pool furniture will also maximize your enjoyment and relaxation. Perhaps you’ve been wondering where hotels get their furniture for the pool, and you want to get one. Now the question is, what kind of furniture will work best for your pool area?

To help you decide, we’ll be providing helpful tips to consider when choosing furniture for your pool and some pool furniture ideas to match your newly resurfaced pool decks.

Best Commercial Pool Furniture to Invest In

1. Chairs for a Place to Lounge

A lounging chair is a must-have for a pool area. It allows you to chill in the poolside while still being able to keep an eye on your kids in the pool. Today, there are even lounging chairs that go in the pool, so you can relax while being partially submerged in the water.

Stylish lounging chairs can also be durable. Check a Nautical Sling Chaise Lounge as one example. Made of 100%, first quality UV stabilized resin. It’s firm, breathable, supportive, and commercial grade. You can get these types of lounge chairs at 245.00 and above. Make sure it matches with your decks as well! Getting it done by professional pool deck resurfacers helps you get that uniform aesthetic going.

  • Pro: Since resin is dyed while it’s in its liquid form if a portion of the chair gets scratched, the dents will blend into the surrounding surface.
  • Con: Resin lounge chairs are not heavy enough for many windy environments.

2. Poolside dining to include

Lady relaxing on the pool bench

A poolside won’t be complete without some dining experience. Your pool area is an ideal place to entertain. So, consider adding some dining tables and chairs to make sure you have a place to sit and enjoy your meals together. When not in use, they may also serve as means to secure your items while swimming.

A wide range of chairs and are available in various styles and designs to match your needs.

If you’re looking for a small table that you can match to your lounging chair, consider this Low Table with Cup Holders by Oasis. You can purchase these kinds for as low as $30.00 if you are on a budget. 

  • Pro: Made from resin, it is burn-resistant, weather, and scratch-resistant. Naturally impervious to chlorine, it is a perfect side table for your pool area.
  • Con: It is lightweight, which makes it susceptible to being moved by the wind.

For a more inclusive dining experience, consider setting up a rustic-chic cafe table. It can hold more items than the side table and is also easy to clean and keep. Additionally, it has a provision where you can insert the umbrella pole for extra shade.

  • Pro: Its metal pedestal frames have four legs, each with self-levelers, which balances uneven surfaces.
  • Con: While you can sand out light scratches, you need to fill in the scratch if your resin table suffers severe damage to restore its appearance.

If you’re having a hard time getting in and out of lounge chairs, midback folding chairs are the perfect alternative. They come with a water-resistant sling if you’re looking for chairs to sit in—Midback chairs cost around $154.00-$167.00 per piece.

  • Pros: It’s easy to clean and store and comes in various colors to match with other pool furniture.
  • Cons: Although rare, snapping, cracking, and splitting are the most significant safety issues with resin chairs.

3. Consider adding kids’ pool furniture.

If you have kids at home or expect your guests to bring their children on get-togethers, kids would love having their version of every pool furniture you have. A mini outdoor chaise lounge for kids is not only adorable, but it may also distract your child from running around the pool and relax on it.

Conclusion: Commercial Pool Furniture is a worthwhile investment

Now that you know how to spice up your pool area, choose the best pool furniture, so you don’t have to change them now and then. Want to learn more about decorating your pools? Check out our homepage or read through this next blog on how to clean a commercial pool.

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