7 Garden Color Palettes To Freshen Up Your Outdoor Spaces

Are you looking to freshen up your garden? It’s time to focus first on choosing your color palette since it can impact your outdoor’s look and feel. Our previous blog discussed the most popular pool deck colors that can create an inviting atmosphere around pools. 

This time, let’s explore seven cool color palettes that can give your garden a fresh, light, and airy feel. Create these moods even more by incorporating advanced acid staining concrete techniques with ocean-inspired colors. Read more to learn how.

Choose Fresh And Cool Tones For Your Garden

Cool tones can create a visually soothing environment that relieves stress and promotes mental well-being. They can also attract pollinators and beneficial insects to your garden.

Now that we’ve introduced the benefits of a cool colored palette, let’s discuss how to incorporate these ideas into your garden and other outdoor designs as your acid-stained concrete patio.

Patio with pergola, couches and center table


If you love the Scandinavian home style but want a lighter version for your garden, try the Nordic palette. Nordic is a broader region of Northern Europe, and it inspired shades of frost like white, gray, and navy blue.

You can balance this cool palette by adding texture from stamped concrete and light-colored wood like oak, pine, and spruce.


For a cooler and trendier Mediterranean vibe, try the famous Greek vacation place’s palette, Santorini! It features royal blue, white, and bits of olive green or pink shades reminiscent of the colors of the sea, sky, and Greek gardens.

Lapiz Lazuli

To give your backyard a touch of royalty, consider using the Lapis Lazuli color palette! The deep blue gemstone inspires this luxurious and soothing scheme.

You can pair the rich and deep ultramarine or indigo shades with brass accents or incorporate lapis lazuli stones actively by creating a stamped pathway border, adding decorative accents in a rock garden, or even as part of a water feature.

Emerald Escape

Embracing the color of evergreen nature can help create a fresh outdoor garden. Shades of green ranging from light to dark create a lush and vibrant environment perfect for a tropical garden design. You can create contrast by using pops of colors from flowers.

Outdoor patio with green throw pillows and plants surroundings

Glowwave Aesthetic

Aside from the busy street lights or party lights, the Glowwave aesthetic for your garden is similar to a fun Christmas and cottage vibe.

It includes neon shades of purple, blue, green, and a bit of orange or pink. You can get the pop of neon from color-changing lighting, with the plants and concrete reflecting the beauty.

Lavender Fields

The Lavender Fields color palette is perfect for creating a dreamy and romantic atmosphere in your garden. Psychology associates shades of purple and violet with feelings of highness and contentment. It is like how Taylor Swift’s 50s-inspired lyrics of Lavender Haze perfectly capture the mood.

Complementing violets with touches of green and white can add a refreshing contrast while incorporating gold can add warmth. You can also achieve this by planting hydrangeas and staining purple on surfaces and paths.

Pastel Paradise

Add a whimsical theme to your garden with a Pastel Paradise color palette. Soft pastel colors like baby pink, baby blue, and all “baby” or light colors create a playful and charming environment perfect for a cottage garden design. Add some greenery like ivy and ferns for additional freshness.

Color Your Garden: The Wonders of Landscaping and Hardscaping

The right color palette can create a calming or dreamy atmosphere in your garden. And remember the power of color in hardscaping! 

For example, acid-staining concrete your pool deck or patio can add a durable, low-maintenance color and texture to your garden. So, have fun experimenting with color, and let your creativity bloom!

You can contact Pooldeks concrete pool deck contractors if you need further assistance in choosing what color to incorporate your pool outdoor living space. 

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