7 Swimming Pool Games Safe for Children

When there are kids at a pool party, there should be games that are safe to play. On that note, it is a swimming pool owner’s responsibility to maintain the surrounding of a pool in its best shape.

For this reason, commercial pool deck sealing is highly recommended for businesses like hotels or pool parks. In this way, your pool deck and backyard pool solution are in the experts’ hands.

How can you get your kids to play games safely as a parent or guardian? A big group of kids can be hard to track, but games can help get their attention.

In this blog, we’ll give you seven safe pool games you and your kids can play in the swimming pool.

laughing kids in swimming pool

Fun Pool Games for Kids

Swim Race

Swimming pool race is another classic game on this list that only requires you to watch young children with a timer.

Set your stopwatch for a minute, then watch the kids race across the swimming pool. Whoever touches down the pool deck first will be the winner. The winner will be the fastest swimmer who makes it to the end of the pool within the number of laps you need.

Train Of Balls

This game’s rules are easy, just like the rules for the “string of balloons” in the land.

  • If you’ve never played it before, the only rule is that the item has to stay safe between the two players in the caterpillar line.
  • But in this case, we’ll use BALLS to keep the pool and everyone safe.
  • Balloons can be dangerous because they can get stuck in your filter system and cost a lot to fix.
  • The fastest team that kept balls secured will win.

Sing or Swim

“Sing or swim” is a new game everyone can play, even your kids. Since most kids nowadays know the lyrics to the most popular pop songs, you can use them. The rule of the game is:

  • You will play music.
  • Stop it at any time.
  • They should continue singing lyrics where it stopped.
  • If they failed, they got thrown off the pool’s safe side.

Shoot The Ball or The Ring

You can play this game in many ways:

  • Shoot a ball at the pool tube. Your kids can shoot a target ball into a pool tube on the water.
  • Shoot the ring at a floating ball. It is the opposite of the first. Swim rings will be thrown at a ball floating on water or to other players. Make it like a tag pirate game, and be creative!
  • Grab a floating target and shoot it at a stand. You can use swim rings or balls to shoot at a basket or cone set up on the side of the pool.
  • Whoever has the most shots will win.
Group of kids playing in the swimming pool

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is a classic game with simple rules that let you use any object, from the easiest to the most challenging levels.

  • Things with solid colors are the easiest to find.
  • The water-filled plastic bottle will be the hardest to find because it will blend in with the pool.
  • Whoever finishes the quest the fastest will win.

Dodgeball as Booby Traps

A new swimming game called “dodge ball as booby traps” uses floating mats and swimming balls of different sizes. The goal of this game is:

  • Players shall walk on the floating mats from one side of the pool to another.
  • The twist is that the runner’s opponents will try to hit them with balls.
  • So players must have to think of creative ways to avoid them.

How To Make Pool Parties For Kids Safer

You should be prepared and get your pools checked first. If your pool decks have cracks or places where accidents are likely to happen, you should consider sealing the pool deck. You can DIY the pool deck resealing by searching “how to seal concrete” on Google. But if you want the best work, consider hiring professional commercial pool deck sealing.

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