Benefits of Staining your Pool Decks

Have you ever wondered how every pool owner keeps the lux and glistening under the sun look of the pool decks?

pool deck tinted sealer

Well, now that you do, it’s time that you take a deeper dive and look closely at how a commercial stained pool deck works. Here’s the secret to a lasting pool decking coloring that keeps the swimming area looking fresh and inviting. So get your notes ready and dive into the benefits of staining the pool decks.

Stained Pool Decks Benefits: Four You Should Know

One factor that keeps your guests coming back to your commercial pools is its surface appearance. Aside from the design and layout, the coloring material you incorporate adds a significant factor. Staining concrete both serves as a sealer and color-enhancer. Breaking down the best benefits of staining, here are four of them that you should know.

1. Brings out the true colors

Concrete pool decks will look grey and plain unless you add coloring to the material. The staining treatment works within the core of the slabs. If you compare it to paint, the paint will only add color to the top layer and soon fade out.

Stained concrete as a color enhancer is added as a colored agent carried by either acid or water. The coloring in a thin solvent will penetrate onto the cement slab, which is why the stained concrete does not lose its color quickly. 

Earthy and natural colors are now easy to incorporate into the materials that surround your outdoor leisure. It also looks naturally colored instead of painted ones. The material looked like a separate coat on the concrete deck’s surface. So bring out the natural outdoor vibe when you use staining.


2. Protects your pool decks from stains and cracks

Not only can stain concrete application bring out the true colors, but it also takes away the look of ugly stains due to dirt and food stains that fell on the deck’s surface. It is natural for pool deckings to have protective sealers to protect them from water-caused damages. 


The staining works the same way as other concrete sealers. It protects the surface while also protecting the inner parts of the material. It also treats the pores when it penetrates the slabs, sealing the gaps and tiny holes where any liquid material can leak. 

As a result of sealed concrete, the material preserves its strength, preventing cracks from occurring.

3. Color enhancers acting sealers minimize flaws

While the staining treatment acts as sealers, it will not only save the concrete from cracks. It will also keep the concrete from other flaws as deteriorating material.

There are two ways a pool decking might deteriorate or lose its appeal. 

First, you lose its form as color and appeal, and the next one loses its functions. A deck without sealer and color enhancers will quickly react to weathering impacts and other factors such as the sun’s extreme heat and constant water exposure. 

The sign treatment helps bond the cement material from within. Since it preserves its colors, it will naturally preserve and prevent damaging the surface from constant dirt and mixing of different substances that fell on the surface.

two types of pool decks

4. Sunscreen for the pool deck

Imagine your skin under direct sunlight? It will get sunburn. Ouch! So what you do is apply sunscreen lotion. The concrete pool decks work the same way with staining. 

You might not hear the concrete steps screaming in pain when the sun hits the surface. But what you will see is that as time goes by, the surface looks faded, becomes brittle, and chipping and cracking begin. 


The stained treatment provides thin-film protection to preserve the surface as a sunscreen, and it helps resist the damaging UV rays from the sun. Sunlight during the high noon hits harder, and in an open space at the swimming pool area, there is no other way to cover up the entire space but to use sealers on the floor. Your concrete staining will do this for you.

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