Island Paradise Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

Take a plunge into your own oasis by bringing a paradise island into your backyard. How can you achieve this?

No matter the size of your backyard pool, you can turn it into a tropical paradise. Check out the lists in this blog. Here are ideas for a backyard pool landscape that will impress.

Inspiring Ideas To Make An Oasis Backyard

Here are some ideas to inspire you to create an oasis from your backdoor spaces and garden swimming pools help.

Sand-Colored Flagstone Patterned Pool Deck

A refinished concrete pool deck is the first step to creating an island paradise. You do not have to start from scratch and fully replace the outdoor surface. 

Make do with what you have. From there, enhance the features or install innovative pieces that can change the vibe of your backyard. 

You can resurface the pool deck with a sand-colored flagstone stamped overlay. 

This pattern gives the pool deck surfaces a warm, natural, and inviting feel. 

The white sand inspires this look from real beaches. But compared to natural beach sand, concrete is more durable and easy to maintain, making it the perfect choice for a high-traffic area. 

Its pristine, neutral color will complement any landscaping you add to your backyard.

Install A Curvy Pool

If you have a spacious backyard, you might want to install in it a curved-shaped swimming pool, and it is a total departure from a traditional linear pool.

Get inspired by this to create and enhance the pool place into a lazy-river-like pool layout.

You’ll have fun adding palm trees and tropical plants like you are on an actual island. Curve and swirly shapes make a fun and exciting yard. Then the swimming pool will be the perfect focal point for this mini paradise.

Plant Palms & Bamboo

What other way to complete the whole island vibe but with more fresh plants and tropical ornamentals? Plam trees once again pop up in our discussion.

You can invest in large palm and nipa plants to make the swimming area burst with greeneries.

Also, add bamboo, which can give shade and create a fresh and cool breeze around the outdoors.

It could also be difficult to access bamboo, which you can use as an alternative plant native to your region.

In doing so, you will save from importing foreign plants and save on your expenses.

backyard swimming pool with plants

Water Bowls With Effects

Water bowls with effects of fountains or waterfalls, and sometimes, with fire bowls, add a soothing and peaceful sound to your backyard.

These water features also provide a tropical spa feel to your paradise. Choose a water bowl that complements the size and style of your pool and yard.

Faux Big Rocks For Borders And Grotto

Another way to enhance the tropical look of your backyard is to add big faux rocks using concrete.

You can arrange these fake rocks to border your pool and add a grotto or cave-like feature. Faux stones you can make from concrete look natural, still durable, and low-maintenance.

Sustainable Pool and Pool Deck Lighting

Last on this list is adding lights around your backyard pools. Either string LED lights around the trees or plants surrounding your pool area.

Another way to lighten up the backyard pool is to install walkway lights. You need cocnrete contractors to help you renovate the stamped concrete walkways to install lamp or light bulb holes on the floor surface.

This would also innovate the space when you use LED or solar lights that will automatically light up once night time approaches.

Choose solar lights for your pool or garden to save money on your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

backyard pool with concrete deck


With all the listed oasis backyard pool ideas, you can transform your backyard into a tropical oasis.

Remember these ideas, be bold, and think out of the box. Mix and match styles ad patterns until you achieve one that suits your preferences.

The key to taking these ideas as inspiration is to build a place in your home where you can relax and be comfortable.

Do not hesitate to hire a professional concrete pool deck resurfacing company to help you achieve a durable and lasting result.

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