Are Commercial Infinity Pools Worth the Investment?

Infinity pools are all over the internet. They have become serious attractions for many travelers and for people looking for hotels to stay in. That begs the question: is it worth investing in a commercial infinity pool if you own a hotel, a resort, or any other hospitality-focused commercial property? In this guide to infinity pools, we break down all you need to know about them, the costs you will need to account for, and ultimately, whether or not they’re worth the investment.

What are infinity pools?

infinity beach pool

Infinity pools are swimming pools with a built-in design effect to make it look like there is no edge to it and that it simply continues into the horizon. It is a visual trick that gives a pool a floating and endless look.

They’re also known as zero-edge pools and they work by creating a smaller lower section at the end where the illusion takes place to create a waterfall-like effect. But the edge, of course, is present in the form of a wall. Contrary to what people may think when they first see one, infinity pools are not dangerous at all and are about as safe as any conventional swimming pool.

Where can you usually find infinity pools?

infinity pool near beach

Infinity pools have become a kind of attraction in their own right. Many people seek out commercial properties where there are infinity pools to take photos in it or just try it out. That’s why it has become so popular for hotels and resorts. But that isn’t to say that an infinity pool would work anywhere. To get the most out of that no-edge effect that makes infinity pools so advantageous, their placements should be somewhere with a distinct drop-off, like a high-rise building or somewhere near a cliff.

If your property does not feature a drop-off like this, an infinity pool will still be beautiful but it will lose some of its appeal.

What does it cost to install and maintain an infinity pool?

Experts estimate that the average cost of an infinity pool is $79,000, a 30% increase in cost from traditional swimming pools. This does not include the cost of the deck that will surround 3/4ths of it, and hospitality pool deck resurfacing costs are another matter, too.

So is an infinity pool worth the cost? It will all depend on your location and on the market you’re trying to target. If you are somewhere with a great view and you want to attract tourists and such, an infinity pool is more than worth it. Just make sure to keep us in mind for your commercial pool decking and hospitality pool deck resurfacing needs.

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