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commercial pool decking

Looking for a reliable and experienced pool deck contractor in Anaheim? Pooldeks is happy to be able to provide our skilled, convenient, and budget-friendly services to commercial properties in Anaheim, Orange County. Our wide range of services is targeted at specific concerns for commercial pool owners. We combine functionality and design in all our services to be able to deliver high-build, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing commercial pool decks to properties in Anaheim.

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Commercial Pool Deck Services

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Commercial Pool Resurfacing

How does commercial pool deck resurfacing help commercial pools? Concrete, though generally durable, is prone to cracking. And when those cracks and pits start forming, your pool deck can quickly begin to look old and unattractive. Instead of replacing the entire deck, resurfacing allows you to instead use the same structure but get a new surface in the form of a resurfacer overlay. This means that while the deck itself is the same, it will look brand-new. Hospitality pool deck resurfacing is especially popular because it allows businesses in the hospitality industry (like hotels, resorts, and country clubs) to keep their swimming pools looking fresh, modern, and attractive.

Pool Deck Repair

If you don’t have enough cracks on the surface to warrant a complete resurfacing, choose to repair cracks and pits on your deck instead. Leaving cracks and pits open can leave you vulnerable to worse damage or even accidents like slips and trips. Professional repairs are the only solution. We use a special repair putty that is water-proof and that dries to form a permanent filling in cracks and pits. And to preserve the appearance of your pool deck, we make sure to match the repaired portion of the concrete to the rest of the slab in both color and design.

commercial pool decking

Commercial Pool Deck Stamping

Concrete stamping is a simple yet effective technique to improve the overall appearance of your pool deck. Because stamping can only be done on a wet and malleable surface, it is usually a service that is paired with our hospitality pool deck resurfacing service. Our crew uses rolling mats and small precise tools to apply designs and patterns on your pool deck that can also later be treated with color. Choose from our portfolio of popular designs and patterns or consult our team to create a custom design for your pool deck.

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