5 Best Designs to Update Stamped Pool Deck

Today’s post will introduce you to the latest design approaches to the basic stamped design, especially your pool decks. Stamped concrete is common on outdoor floors. 

You got pool deck stamping, stamped concrete driveways, concrete patios stamped overlay.

man on the pool deck

For watery outdoor spaces such as the swimming pools, the best choice will be concrete stamping. That application reigns among commercial property owners and homeowners as the top choice for the functional and cost-effective floor finish.


However, seeing the stamped patterns over and over may drown you in monotony. The way to fix this is not to throw away the slabs, and you do not want to spend significant costs hauling massive blocks of cement floors.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate marches the classic, smooth finish of stamping, and the aggregate finish brings a sharp contrast to the pool deck texture. The exposed aggregate is finished with a concrete sealer that contains resin. So, even if small pieces of stones and pebbles are on the floor’s coating, it will still feel smooth and comfy under barefoot. It’s slip-resistant, too.


Stenciling is an entire process different from stamping. But is there a way to combine the two? Using stenciling, you may resurface an existing stamped with an overlay and change its appearance.

Stenciled patterns will remind you of your stamped designs. Instead of putting a pattern on the wet poured concrete

Broom Finish

The broom finish is a classic pool decking, and it goes near the umbrella of textured concrete decks. However, there is an innovative approach that pool deck installers use to upgrade the look of both stamped and textured concrete floors.

The best way to do this is to combine these applications. There are two ways on how:

1. Broom Finished Decks with Stamped Borders

Upgrade the ordinary and plain stamped decks with borders or with a combination of other types of design.


You can make mix-typed patterns, randomly placing stamped and broom finished overlays on the surface of the decks.

2. Alternating Stamped Decks and Broom Finish

On the other hand, why not style the decks with alternating patterns of two different applications. Lay side by side stamped and broom finish, this creates a playful yet seamless look still. The surface flooring’s design looks seamless and stylish, even with different finishes.

Salt Finish

The salt finish is derived from adding salt compounds to the concrete finishing. You may have previously installed stamped concrete, and after some time, its original slip-resistant coating loses its function. Recoating the stamped flooring surface is a must. Then instead of reapplying a conventional concrete sealing, you can opt to apply the salt finish.


The salt may come in small pebble-like chunks or coarse pieces. They create extra texture and traction on the surface. However, an expert installer will be the only one who can install the application effectively. Remember that using salt can harm the concrete’s reinforcements underneath. So better let a pro do this job.

Coordinate Color Combination

Lastly, an efficient way to update the stamped flooring designs and patterns is to innovate the color scheme. Be sure to play with the colors. If you create change around your residential and commercial property’s exterior, let you coincide with the changes by incorporating the right to combination on the floors.

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