New Pool Deck Colors to Try this 2023

One of the best approaches for improving the appearance of a modern pool deck is to give it more character and make it blend in with the surroundings. A quick operation that has a tremendous impact is sealing pool deck.

Your pool deck’s overall appearance can be improved with gloss and color by sealing the concrete pool deck. Additionally, you may use a non-slip concrete sealer to lessen the possibility of someone falling. 

Pantone is here again to bring you a trendy color scheme in 2023: Pool Green and Strawberry Pink. Will these colors fit your pool decks? Read more to find out!

Pool Green and Other Cool Colored Decks

There are many different coloring techniques available, giving you a wide range of color options so you may select the tone that best matches your home, the surrounding area, or other structures near the pool. Your options also allow for custom color matching. That said, here are a few of the most recommended color schemes for your concrete pool deck.


Otherwise known as “Pool Green,” Aquamarine offers a cheery vibe that is similar to turquoise jewelry. It’s a vivid yet well-balanced hue that is neither as deep as sapphire nor as light as Crystal Blue.

Sapphire Blue

A dignified blue is a sapphire. It looks great in contrast to light-colored masonry or decks. The sapphire paint shimmers like a jewel thanks to a gel coat. The glitter and the water’s natural motion combine to provide a stunning effect.

Crystal Blue

Crystal Blue shimmers as Sapphire Blue does, but it is a lighter shade and has a beachy vibe. Sand or natural wood tones go well with Crystal Blue.

Crystal Blue Shade

Diamond Sand

The lightest color on this list is Diamond Sand. It gives the impression of clean water lapping on a white sand beach.

swimming pool with a pergola

Silver Grey

The water in Silver Grey maintains its clarity and brightness because of its faint rocky roughness. It is adaptable and works with many décor styles.

Silver Grey Shade

Graphite Grey

One of the deeper colors is Graphite Grey. Clarity and balance are provided by the contrast between its rugged appearance and the water’s vivid blue color.

Graphite Grey Shade

Sealing Concrete Pool Decks after Coloring

You may provide stunning colored concrete that withstands exposure to direct sunlight and won’t fade over time by selecting the right concrete sealer for a pool deck refurbishment (or even a whole new pour).

After you learn the various color schemes to make your cool decks, the next step is sealing the surface.

Sealing pool deck surfaces adds life to the material, making it tougher and resistant to wear and tear.

Concrete pool decks are all-season and low-maintenance, which are undoubtedly advantages. Like every component of your house, seasonal inspections help guarantee adequate maintenance. However, if a high-quality concrete pool deck sealer is done correctly, you may go years without worrying about upkeep.

Most of the concrete surfaces around the pool are textured or stamped concrete that has completely pigmented and then has a concrete stain on top (or sealed directly).

A pool deck sealant may start to degrade with time, primarily if the concrete isn’t maintained in harsh weather, and the concrete will start to lose some of its original colors. However, with good initial sealing and periodic maintenance, your integral color, and topical acid stain will not fade or peel.

Pour a full glass of water on your concrete patio or concrete decks in your pool area. A qualified concrete designer will start by assessing the sealer’s condition in this manner.

Conclusion: Ready, Set, Dive!

There’s an endless possibility to dive into choosing a color for your pool deck. It’s also worth noting that lighter hues reflect the sunshine and keep your feet cooler.

Imagery and references are a great way to ponder the design and color scheme you’re going for to find the best concrete pool sealer with colors for your project. 

Remember, when concrete pool decks are submerged in water, they behave in bizarre ways. Without a pool deck sealer, the material could wither away fast. They reflect varying quantities of light depending on the time of day.

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