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At Pooldeks, we bank on quality workmanship for all our pool decking projects. We are a concrete pool deck contractor who promises expert solutions for commercial establishments and facilities in Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles. 

Want to secure your customer’s safety on the decks? Want your decks to look professional and damage-free? Want unique pools that your customers will be proud to post on Instagram? Don’t settle for anything less!

 Our line of services is proven to give exceptional results, and our clients know it! We offer various commercial pool decking services, from pool deck repair to concrete diamond grinding your pool space. Make your move today and get results! Better decks for a better pool experience!

 We’ll work with you every step of the way. We service other major cities in California, particularly San Diego and Los Angeles. Call us, and we’d love to give you a free estimate.

Why Choose Us For Your Concrete Pool Deck Remodeling Project

Our goal for your commercial pool deck is simple: SAFER. BETTER. COOLER. Desire a commercial pool decking space that’s attractive and rakes in the eyes. So be ready to take on any social parties and events coming your way. Californians and visitors will WANT to have it at your commercial pool. Not all commercial swimming pools are alike. Don’t let yours be bleak. Trust us to make a difference and help you climb up the competitive ladder of California Resorts and Pools.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons to coat over existing concrete. A coating:

  • Provides a uniform texture and color to the entire deck
  • Removes areas of deterioration on the existing deck
  • Protects the deck from further deterioration due to the water and harsh pool chemicals
  • Provides a slip resistant safety finish
  • Covers stains in the existing concrete
  • Provides the ability to remove stains during routine maintenance
  • Addresses and disguises concrete cracks
  • Removes minor trip hazards without leaving unsightly grind marks

Cost – Coating is a fraction of the cost of deck replacement

Warranty – Concrete typically has a one year warranty and is guaranteed to crack. Our coating has a two year warranty that can be extended indefinitely with routine maintenance and will even cover typical concrete cracks.

Maintenance – With routine maintenance our coating will look brand new for the life of the concrete structure. Paver and concrete maintenance that typically includes acid washing and/or pressure washing accelerates surface deterioration.

A deck coating when properly prepared, installed, and maintained can last the life of the concrete. Just like any coating product, preparation of the substrate (Concrete) is of the utmost importance to ensure proper bonding of the material. Once the coating is applied properly, annual or bi-annual maintenance will maintain the seal of the concrete and provide a beautiful, uniform look to the entire deck for many years. Routine maintenance includes a deep cleaning, minor repairs to chips and cracks, re-coloring of any areas needed and resealing the entire deck. How often the maintenance is required is determined by the amount of use and abuse the deck receives.

All of our coatings are commercially rated as slip-resistant. Most coatings installed on pool decks are slippery, but our Classic Knockdown texture we use around commercial pools will provide a slip-resistant surface.

Our coatings come in a variety of standard colors and can even be color matched to your paint scheme if desired. Typically associations prefer to have the deck and the coping in different complimenting colors. This sets the pool apart from the rest of the deck and is done at no additional cost.

Yes. Besides providing a slip-resistant, uniform, beautiful look, the main purpose of a deck coating is to protect the concrete structure of the deck from the harsh water and chemicals associated with commercial pools and spas.

There are two major factors that cause coatings to fail – improper preparation and lack of routine maintenance. Typically associations turn to a deck coating when they see signs of concrete deterioration. When preparing an already deteriorating concrete surface, we use heavy industrial grinding equipment to remove any concrete that is not solid. When deterioration begins to appear, this is a sign that the concrete has been compromised even in areas that are not showing any deterioration. The coating is important to keep the concrete structure below from deteriorating.

YES. Not only are cracks opened and filled with urethane before applying the color and seal coat, but we offer a custom scoreline to incorporate and disguise cracks to become a part of the design. If cracks have large elevation differences from one side to the other because of deck heaving, partial concrete replacement might be necessary.

1. Preparation – We use heavy industrial grinding equipment on every deck to provide a superior bond. Most competitors skip this step due to the expense, and oftentimes simply pressure wash and/or prime without removing the deteriorated concrete whether seen or unseen. Grinding ensures that all deterioration is removed and provides the proper profile for long-term bonding.
2. Warranty – With routine maintenance we offer a warranty that will last as long as your concrete.
3. Products – We use superior products that are not chosen by price, but by quality. Our products have been lab tested and in the field have withstood the test of time.
4. Service – Our team provides the best service in the industry.

The number one tried and tested coating surface for commercial pools is our Classic Knockdown finish. It provides the best slip-resistant finish in any color and can be closely matched and blended if future repairs are needed. Other coatings are not as slip-resistant and if repairs are needed do not match or blend well.

Stained concrete like acid, water or solvent staining can sometimes work and look good on new concrete. Unfortunately, trying to stain a deck that has already been discolored by chemicals or calcium build-up will not stain consistently. The areas that are discolored will absorb a stain differently than the areas with no discoloration.

No. Coating is not for every situation. If the concrete deck was originally constructed improperly, or if it has not been able to hold up to its environment, it might not be a candidate for a protective coating. If your deck has “Hopscotch” cracking, it means that the deck was constructed with improper steel placement. This issue is often accompanied by a lot of rust. If there is major cracking and heaving due to roots, soil expansion or earth movement, your deck might not be a good candidate.

Actually, over the course of 25-30 years, a coating will cost about the same as a newly poured concrete deck. The difference is that with a coating, your deck will have a consistent color and texture and a new beautiful look over the entire 25-30 years. And since the concrete will be protected over that time, it can still keep going without the costly replacement at the end. Conversely, a newly poured concrete deck will have the same consistent color and texture for a couple of years, and then it will look 3 years old, 5 years old, 10 years old…etc., and then will look and feel like a deck that needs to be replaced the last ten years of its life before another large investment.

California's Highly Recommended Concrete Pool Decking Services: Repair, Refinishing, Repair, Stamped Concrete, Resurfacing

You’re expecting a ton of foot traffic, constant use, and outdoor exposure. You’ll be wise to expect signs of pool deck deterioration too. 

Our line of services is designed to address the issues that all commercial concrete pool deck owners face. Pool decking is the best way to breathe life back into your swimming pools, be it commercial or residential. In addition, we offer decorative concrete services such as staining, stamped concrete, refinishing, resurfacing, repair, etc.

Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing

gives your pool deck a new look without having to replace it. 

We specialize in coatings and concrete overlays San Diego that will breathe life into your commercial pool area. 

You have the liberty to choose from the following:

* Commercial Stamped Pool Deck
* Stained Concrete
* Cool Deck (Acrylic Spray Texture)

Damages on a pool deck spell disaster for any establishment. Cracks, spalling, shifting, or slab jacking? 

Leave it to us. Get your establishment running smoothly with our reliable pool deck repair services.

If stains and superficial flaws are distracting guests from the beauty of your swimming pool, refinishing is your go-to option. 

Our experts will have your pool deck refinished and looking brand new like the first time it was installed, and even better. 

You can choose a commercial stained pool deck and more!

Applying a sealant is essential to keeping your commercial pool deck in pristine condition. 

Concrete decks need that extra layer of protection for lasting endurance. 

Keep it protected by commercial pool deck sealing at least every two years for proper maintenance.

Pool Decking Specialty Coatings, Overlays and Systems Made for Exceptional Performance understands that commercial pool decks require a higher level of durability and design. There’s no need to compromise when it comes to aesthetics and function. We offer our clients quality workmanship by pairing our tried and tested methods of decorative concrete pool decks with these specialty coatings and systems:


  • Moisture Mitigating Base Coat
  • Proven Commercial Grade Texture Coat
  • Proven Commercial Grade Acrylic Top Coats
  • Proven Commercial Grade Clear Coats


  • Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Concrete Preparation Machines – Used to achieve a Decorative Concrete Pool Decks Surface Profile to a CSP 3 rating.
  • Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Power Washing Units – For thorough cleaning and concrete etching as preparation for base coats.
  • Universal Base Coat – Used as a primer/base coat that penetrates the decorative concrete pool deck surface rather than laying on top.
  • The Toughest Commercial Grade Knockdown Texture – For a textured skid-resistant & cool to the feet surface that looks as great as it functions.
  • Commercial Grade Acrylic Top Coat – Two coats for vibrant color and durable protection for your pool decks.
  • Acrylic Clear Top Coat – Used to complete the whole process for an added protection.

Why Hire Pooldeks to Get the Job Done?
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We carry workman’s compensation and settle our payroll taxes. All trucks are owned and insured. All this is to protect you from liability and to secure your peace of mind. Feel free to ask us about our certifications and credentials to learn more.


Every project is executed with skill and confidence by seasoned employees. Each and every staff member we hire have at least 5 years of experience in this business. We guarantee that our experts are the most experienced in the industry of pool decking. No subcontracting, no worries.



To ensure exceptional pool decking results, we don’t skimp on material, both in quality and quantity. Every material we use has been tested for its effectiveness, durability, and aesthetic results. Our experts use only OSHA approved safety gear.

Industries We Work With:

Hotels & Resorts
Water parks
Public Swimming Pools
Fitness Centers / Fitness Clubs / Athletic Club / Wellness Center
Beach Clubs

Private Condominiums High Rise / Condominium
Rooftop Pools
Community Pools / Community Projects
High Schools

Community Centers
Golf Clubs / Country Club
Apartment Centers
Yacht Club

Hospital and Therapy Pool Projects
General Contractors

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Pair your vision with our expertise to achieve your ideal concrete pool deck in OC, Los Angeles, or San Diego! Concrete pool deck resurfacing makes for an excellent return on investment for your commercial establishment.

Get ready to relax in style this summer with! Transform your backyard into the ultimate lounge and party destination. Enjoy the summer heat under a stylish umbrella while sipping your favorite drink and indulging in delicious food. Upgrade your outdoor space with a wide range of comfortable chairs, tables, and lounges, all in beautiful shades of blue and green. Don’t let the summer vacation pass you by without making memories in your own personal oasis. Hire us! We will make your backyard and commercial swimming pool deck dreams a reality!

Your pool deck should not suffer that much! Contact us today to determine which of our pool decking services is a perfect fit for your concerns. A gorgeous-looking pool deck is just a phone call away! Reach us at (714) 361-0771 or send us a form to get a fast, free quote. We will provide you with information that will give you the best options for your pool areas.

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